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Amazing Virtual Magic Shows

Employee Events and Team Building Sessions

Engage and Energize Your Remote Workforce with

Live and Interactive Mind Games, Magic and Illusion.

Bring your remote workforce together to share a moment of wonder with my new virtual show, "Mind Scams."

Mind Scams is interactive show that will fully engage your team. They don't just watch, they become part of the magic and mystery.

You'll love how Mind Scams captivates attention and holds your group spellbound. The show's jaw dropping miracles and goofy, absurd humor will win over even the most Zoom-fatigued crowd and leave them feeling happy. 


Client Event

Brian puts on a fabulous show for virtual company events! Between his wit, cleverness, and of course, mind-blowing tricks, he knows how to make magic off screen and on screen! Also, I wanted to note when planning this event, Brian was BEYOND responsive and on top of what was to be expected, showing he truly cares about the outcome of the occasion. Amazing!


Happy Hour

Brian is a fun magician that knows how to cater to his audience. We had him host a 30-minute remote show and he was able to keep up laughing, wowed, and engaged the whole time. He is relevant and reliable. Do not hesitate to book him.


Team Building


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