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 "The Mental magic experience where you don’t just witness the impossible,
you make it happen!"


Fun + Wonderful Magic​


"INCREDIBLE! Our guests are still talking about how much FUN they had"

Welcome to Mind Scams, the magical mystery experience that blurs the line between perception and reality.

It's the hilarious, family-friendly, and corporate-friendly show that captivates audiences and fills minds and hearts with wonder.


Minds are read. Thoughts are influenced. The unpredictable is predicted.


Your guests are spellbound as they participate in this incredibly fun and amazing show.

"Mind Scams gets inside your head and boggles your mind."

You'll experience "stranger things" that are "out of this world."


Impossible synchronicity and stunning telepathic illusions.

Pseudo-psychic demonstrations of clairvoyance, ESP, precognition, and mind control.

Mind Scams is an excellent choice for entertaining diverse groups. It captures the attention of people of all ages, from teenagers to seniors, and unites them through an extraordinary experience of shared mystery.

Perfect for any event where you want to wow your guests, whether it's a fundraiser, a banquet, a private party, or anything else. It’s the interactive and impossible experience they’ll never forget.

Mind Scams is wonderfully original and exhilarating, and it is guaranteed to captivate the imagination and attention of your audience.

laughter + mystery

“Stunning, jaw-dropping and with packed with laughs and surprises.”

mind scams logo.png

Mind Scams features mentalist and illusionist Brian McGovern. Brian demonstrates strange psychological anomalies and enigmatic mental skills. He blows minds with feats of extraordinary intuition and illusion.

Brian has decades of experience and knows how to captivate and entertain even the most critical and skeptical audiences.

He can be seen reading people's minds and performing stunning feats of sleight of hand at exclusive business and private events all over the world.

Brian's program is designed to be both mind-boggling and fun. He combines mind reading and humor to create a fun and unforgettable experience. His unique style of magic is a mix of sleight of hand, illusion, mentalism, and stand-up comedy. It all comes together for maximum entertainment. 

He swears he’s not a psychic, but audiences think he is.  “No, I can’t talk to your dead cat, heal your chakra or tell you what color your aura is,” says the mentalist. “Well, I suppose I could talk to a dead cat, but it won’t be a two-way conversation.”  Despite the disclaimers, after watching Mind Scams audiences aren’t sure what to think. “My job is to amaze people. I use psychological illusions, influence, and intuition in such a way that I seem like a miracle worker.  There’s lots of subterfuge, pretext, and duplicity in the show – but fooling people isn’t the point.  I’m just trying to give people a magical moment of wonder.”

Over 200


Five Star Reviews

"The BEST Magician in New York"*

* According to his rabbit

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