"Brian wowed our crowd with wonderful sleight of hand"

Table-to-table or strolling through the crowd, I’ll astound your guests with unique and never-before-seen close-up illusions and mental magic. 

Magic. It's a perfect ice-breaker. Suddenly your guests are talking, laughing and bonding together as they share a wonderful experience.

The magic I do is perfect for clever crowds - it's smart and sophisticated sleight of hand, perfected over decades of professional performances. I've baffled engineers at Google, scientists at Columbia and NYU, lawyers at Harvard and Princeton and pretty much bamboozled every kind of smarty-panted know-it-all across the US and Europe.

And not to worry, all the material I present is suitable for a family audiences and professional work settings.  No offensive language, nothing that might embarrass any guests. Just fun, amazing magic!

New York City based, professional magician. Fully insured and available all around New York, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut ... and for travel worldwide. Need professional references? I'm happy to oblige.

I’d love to help you make your next event magical and memorable.

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High Impact & Unforgettable

Your guests will never forget a truly magical experience. They’ll still be talking about your event years from now.

Inclusive & Universal Appeal

Magic breaks barriers. Moments of magic create astonishment and wonder.  When performed well, magic connects strangers and transforms them into friends sharing a marvelous moment.

Easy & Affordable

No technical requirements. No stage, sound or special lighting equipment required. Indoors / Outdoors.


Unlike a stage performance, my magic goes where your guests go.  Are they hanging out on the rooftop, lounging in the lounge or by the bar? Poof! I'll happy guests magically appear.


The magic I perform can start and stop when you need it (I can pause while the boss gives that boring speech you hear every year ... and I can start right back and revive the crowd). Use my services to bridge any awkward gaps.

Immersive Entertainment

Your guests don’t just watch – they become part of the illusions. I invite guests to be participate in the magic. They’re mystified, entertained and loving every minute.

Well over 200 verified 5 STAR reviews on Yelp, Google and Yahoo!


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New York City Corporate Magician.



Brian McGovern


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