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Where to Have a Communion Party on Long Island?

Looking for a great place for communion party on Long Island?  I've been entertaining at communion parties over Nassau County in Suffolk County for over 20 years and I've discovered a number of great places.

Long Island Magician for FUN Communion Parties!

The trick to booking a great place for your child's Communion party is to book it early.  It seems that some moms have an inside track and get the date of the Communion ceremony ahead of the rest of the neighborhood.  In case you are still scrambling to find a place you may want to consider  these alternatives:

Country Clubs. Check with friends and relatives who are members at the many country clubs and golf clubs on Long Island.  You usually need to have a member vouch for you but some clubs are open to the public.

Hotels. There are a number of nice hotels in with excellent party rooms.  The quality of food and service is usually very good and parking is never a problem.

Knights of Columbus Halls. Knights of Pythias. VFW.  The quality of these party places will vary greatly.  It's always advisable to do an on-site inspection before you book, one of these halls.

Firehouses.  A number of towns on Long Island have great party's spaces attached to the local firehouse.  Most of these party rooms are well equipped, but they need some décor.

Condo and Co-op Community Rooms.  If you relative lived in a big apartment complex.  Chances are good that you'll have access to a nice party room.

Church Halls.  Call a nearby church that isn't having their communion ceremony on the same day as your parish and you can book a church hall room, very cheaply.

Rent a Tent. Communion parties in May and June can be fun outdoors, but sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate.  Rent a tent with portable heating just in case the weather is inhospitable.

Restaurants.  Chances are every restaurant in your church's neighborhood will be booked up quickly once the Communion dates are announced.  That's why so many people choose to in another parish that is more convenient to the L.I.E or the Southern State Parkway. If you have relatives coming in from Connecticut look for restaurants that are near the Cross Island Parkway.

Once you found a place to have a party you probably realize that you need some sort of entertainment.  Hosting a party for 10 or 20 children in a restaurant can be a lot of fun as long as you have something to keep them entertained.

Communion Party Entertainment on Long Island.

My magic show is a perfect entertainment solution for Communion parties where you're going to be having a mixture of children and adults. While some magicians can only entertain small children or adults.  My show is unique in that it's really for family audiences.  I combined standup comedy with improv and mind-boggling magic tricks that are sure to keep any audience entertained.  I also combine in some circus arts and like juggling to add more variety to the show included visual and interactive.

I use a lot of audience participation in the show.  I try to get the communion celebrant up to volunteer for a lot of the tricks, along with the other kids.  Everybody loves to watch the kids at the party take part in the magic show.  It's a great photo opportunity, and it certainly a lot of fun for the kids.  Depending on the type of audience and the mix of the crowd I very often get some adults to volunteer for the tricks.  We do some silly stuff with the grown-ups that gives everybody a good laugh without embarrassing anybody.

If you want your child's Communion party to be lots of fun and memorable for all your guests  give me a call today!  My calendar sells out fast, especially during communion party season, so don't delay.


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