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Strolling Magic for Parties and Events in New York City

New York City event planners are always looking for ways to "wow" party guests. Here's how the very best party planners do it and you can too.

How to Book Strolling Magic for Private Parties in NYC

If you're hosting a business cocktail reception in NYC you need something amazing to make your event memorable. You don't need an expensive venue to make an impression - you just need some magic. Here's how to make your next event truly amazing:


If you are hosting a reception before dinner, allow enough time for guests to arrive, settle in and grab a refreshment. I usually ask planners to book me to start strolling about 15 minutes into the party start time. Book your strolling magic before or after the main course. Once the your guests are seated and ready to eat, never interrupt the meal with any type of entertainment. Lighting & Sound:

Walk-around magic is low-tech. I don't require any amplification or show lights - but I have to be seen and heard. Don't book a magician in a low-lighted venue. Magic is a visual art. Most venues are fine but I have been booked at clubs where they used black-light and strobes. Not the best way to appreciate world-class sleight of hand.

The same goes for sound. I don't shout over the music. If you're going to have extremely loud music during your reception your guests will be tired and hoarse before long. Background is fine, just keep it in the background.


Hosting a multilingual event? No worries. My magic translates, without words. I am regularly booked and re-booked to entertain VIP's from around the worlds.


My magic isn't "just for kids!" The art of sleight of hand is appreciated by sophisticated adults and even obnoxious teens.

License & Permits:

Because my strolling sleight of hand is low-tech and only uses small, everyday objects like playing cards, money and the like, there aren't any restrictions. As a professional magician I am fully insured and can provide supporting paperwork if your venue requests.

Every week I'm out entertaining at trade shows, client events and employee conferences. From Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan to Country Clubs on Long Island - and every other type of venue like bars and restaurants. Event planners book me to set the mood for the evening with "strolling sleight of hand" magic.

During the cocktail hour I mingle with guests and perform "close-up magic" for individuals and small groups. Most people have never experienced professional close-up magic and are not prepared to be amazed with magic "right before their eyes."


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