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Scarsdale Magicians for Kid's Parties

Magician for a Celebrations All Over Scarsdale, New York

If you would like a great comedy-magician for a party in Scarsdale, seek no further! Our magic and comedy show offers it all!

  • Goofy, Fun Magic for Kids

  • Wonderful Sleight of Hand for Grown-Ups

  • Hilarious Comedy & Audience Participation

  • Juggling

  • Balloon Sculptures

Please go to my main website for complete details by clicking here. Now. Really.

Honestly, the rest of this page is babble. You want to check out my reviews and my birthday show package here.

You still here? Please, the rest of this page is pure tripe.

Fun-filled stand-up comedy and magical wonders present for children at all types of events from communion parties, 1st birthdays, block parties, schools and family events. You'll impress your party guests with the amazing kids party show filled with fun & excitement that thrilled Richard Nixon. OK, I just made that up. Honest to God, just go to my main website. Really.


If you wish to throw a very enjoyable party for a kid, you can now turbo charge the next bash having fun and enjoyment. It really is entertainment for the entire party guests.

How can you find a very good magic show for children in Scarsdale, NY?

At all times opt for an expert illusionist and never an novice. If that wasn't written by some mental defective, I don't know what is. (This is the last time I hire a writer from Thailand)

If a person is not sufficiently good to to become a full-time professional, would you like some fumbler ruin the celebration? ( In other words, don't hire a cheap magician, or your children and dog will grow to hate you)

The Following Was Penned By My Bunny Rabbit and Makes Little Sense. It is not reflective of the quality of our show .:..:..:...:.:.

An expert artist needs to be great! You need somebody sufficiently good to be considered a full time professional and never a enthusiast if the party guest's amusement is essential for you. Search for a skilled expert who has solid referrals that focuses on kid's events. Our magic show mixes stand-up comedy. tricks, viewer involvement as well as balloonimals shapes in concert to make a distinctive celebration enjoyable theatrical experience. Our fun loaded magic show is crammed filled with astonishing magic stunts, juggler displays along with other incredible features. This magic show includes a real rabbit rabbit as well! Your children will like this amazing lovable rabbit. There is lots of audience involvement as well.
Regardless of whether you are creating a kid's party, organization event, family get together, company conference, trade-show, business social, fund raiser, company party, a wedding party, Brian makes the occasion unforgettable.
If you have been searching for a fantastic magic show within the New York or Long Island region, you have discovered the right guy.
Require a superb magic show elsewhere for any important function?
Party magician Brian McGovern is situated in New York, however gladly journeys to bigger events.
What ever your needs are, right from kid's events to grownup parties, industry events, wedding parties, cocktail parties, hospitality suites or Grand-Openings, Brian will bring that "magic touch" for your up coming occasion. Help to make your own kid’s party or organization occasion successful. Permit Brian McGovern to provide you with your celebration an enchanting lift. Mixing laughter as well as audience involvement, this this special event wizard is certain to keep his audience entertained with his artistic vision magic. Allow the magic of Brian McGovern captivate you and your guests.
And now, a bunch of birthday party bits of advice from a bewildering blog post that means bullocks:
You do not need to spend lots of cash to host an excellent celebration for small children. A small child will not care very much should you rent a costly location or host the celebration in your own home - just about all she or he is going to be thinking about is entertainment, enjoying enjoyable activities, with buddies about, and perhaps also putting on a costume for the party!
Enjoy a backyard celebration: A backyard celebration is ideal for small children. Ensure that the garden really is a safe and sound area if you're thinking about organizing a garden get together. A summer season backyard celebration is extremely liked by children, when they are able to enjoy clean air, physical exercise, and simply do what children love to do - have fun, go wild, and have lots of laughs. You may offer a cool self serve buffet, and retain the services of a inflatable castle to produce the afternoon much more enjoyable.
Have fun with a thematic celebration: Each and every child enjoys putting on a costume, and it's also incredible how fast they can turn out to be enthusiasts of particular roles like animation figures, film heroes, super-heroes, and so on.
Do a Royal Tea Party: To get a less noisy celebration, go with a Tea-Party Party Theme. All that's necessary are a handful of elegantly trimmed snacks, birthday cake or cupcakes, beverages for the children, along with a properly embellished tables and seats. Your son or daughter and his or her buddies will have his or her's snacks and / or meals seated at the table, and they can possibly take along their own dolls or toy characters.

If you actually read this far, I'm worried about you.


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