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Rent a Magician in Brooklyn?

Call my office to Book Your Magic Show

I got a call the other day from a woman in Brooklyn New York.  She asked me if she could rent a magician.  Rent a magician?  I guess that's one way of putting it.

The Brooklyn Magician for Kid's Parties

I recently did a magic show in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It was a birthday party for a year old boy and about 10 of his friends.  About five or six of the parents hung out and watched the show so I was able to include a lot of humor specifically geared at the grown-ups. I think a lot of parents don't expect a lot out of a birthday party magician, they just figure it some knucklehead doing magic tricks for kids, so how entertaining can that be?  What they don't realize is that decides being a magician I'm also a standup comedian who has entertained at comedy clubs all over the country.  It's a big surprise when they realize that the show is actually entertaining for someone with a touch of grey.

I absolutely enjoyed this party.  The parents were so cool, and the children not surprisingly were pretty cool too.  I learned that you can have a really good birthday party in Prospect Park over by the picnic house.  I also learned a pretty cool secret about how to get parking over there but I'm not about to share that on the blog and ruin it for the locals.

If you're planning birthday parties in Brooklyn I suggest you get in touch with me as soon as you have an approximate date.  My shows sells out sometimes months in advance and so I always recommend that you book it early.

For those of you who have never seen the wonderful Hijinx Magic Show, take a trip over to my main website and check out the video there along with links to customer reviews and all the information about the magic show.

In a nutshell, my birthday party magic show includes lots of amazing magic tricks, outstandingly goofy juggling, an adorable live bunny rabbit, lots of interactive comedy and audience participation - and I even make them there wacky crazy balloon sculptures.  All sorts of balloon shapes - balloon animals, balloon hats and various oddities.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you in helping you make your Brooklyn party a huge success.

Call my office to Book Your Magic Show


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