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Trying to find a great magician for a party in New York?  Remember, just like music or comedy, magic is a matter of taste.  Don't assume that the magician who amazed you at your office party over cocktails is going to go over big with kids. You've got to carefully match the audience with the performer. Here's some tips on what to look for ...

Corporate Event Magicians - Pick a performer that will fit in with executives. Carny folk are sweet, but this ain't a place for bad grammar. And remember, no raunchy jokes.

Family Party Magicians - Flexibility and friendliness is key here. You'll want a magician who's great with kids, but has lots of magic to amaze the older folks too.

Children's Party Magic Shows - Age appropriate material is a must. What a 5 year-old finds funny a 9 year finds condescending.  Make sure your magician is not doing "baby tricks," or the big kids will revolt.

Pre-Teen Parties / Bar Mitzvahs - Pick a performer with stage presence and a bit of gravitas.  The pre-teen goal in life is to gain group status by any means possible.  You need a magician who technically proficient but who can also keep this group in line.


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