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Party Magician in Garden City, New York

Garden City Magician? Birthday party? Holiday party? Block party? Looking for a fun filled magic show that will amaze your guests? Look no further party planner. You found him.

I do magic shows all over Garden City ... for communion parties, Christmas parties, Hanukkah parties ... schools, grand-openings and all that. Oh and country clubs too. My little magic show has appeared in the Garden City Country Club, Cherry Valley Country Club, Stewart Manor to name them all.

Oh, I've done been known to wave my wand at Uncle Bacala's ( a fun place to have a communion party on Long Island ... but book early! They sell out every year). Party rooms? Yep, Chateau Briand, Papa Razi ...

But the majority of magic shows I do in Garden City are in private homes. People who are planning big family parties (like Christmas or Anniversary Parties) want some fun entertainment for the kids and the grown ups too. I do a stand-up comedy magic show - or I do walk-around magic (where I do close-up magic table to table - which really amazes everyone).

Please be sure to check out my main website where you can read reviews and watch video clips.


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