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Party Idea for 21st Birthday New York

This past Saturday I entertained at a birthday party for a young lady who was celebrating her 21st. She booked me herself - she really wanted to have a magician at her party.

Now, I know what you're thinking ... a magician - isn't that just for kids? True, there are a lot of cheesy magicians out there who can only "entertain" kids - and I do my fair share of children's parties - but no, magic isn't just for kids.

I get booked to entertain at events all over New York from the Hamptons to Manhattan. When I entertain at a grown-up event I do amazing mind reading tricks and sleight of hand that makes even the most conservative audiences gasp in wonder and laugh out loud.

I usually do "walk-around" magic at these types of events. That's where I stroll from table to table during a cocktail hour and do close-up magic. Most people have never experienced a professional close-up magic show and the reviews are always great.

If you are looking to do something fun, different, incredible and memorarbale - book a close-up magician for your next event.

Hijinx Entertainment.


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