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Party Entertainment: Magician for Parties in Forest Hills Queens

Are you planning a fun party in Forest Hills New York? Looking for great entertainment and a week to keep all of your guests happy?

My magic and comedy show has been a hit at parties all over Queens and the rest of New York City ... even Roosevelt Island. Whether it’s a birthday party, bar mitzvah, christening, first birthday party, Korean tol party, Cub Scout dinner or a fundraiser for a school audience of all of all ages love the show.

Why? Unlike other magicians out there who can only perform for certain types of audiences, like only for kids or only for adults, I perform a family show. That means my magic is sophisticated enough for adults and teenagers but it’s kid friendly at the same time. I don’t do any kind of dangerous tricks, no off-color humor, and nothing to abstract when it comes to magic. [for example very young children can’t relate to playing cards, or mind reading tricks so when there are young ones in the audience I keep my tricks to direct and visual magic that they can relate to but at the same time gets “oohs and ahs” from the rest of the audience].

I also perform in a wide variety of formats. For cocktail parties, house parties and client dinners many clients enjoy my close-up magic. With close-up magic I mingle with the guests doing “walk-around magic,” which is sleight-of-hand performed right before your eyes. It’s a dazzling display of legerdemain with playing cards, money, and the other everyday objects. Even the most cynical audiences are flat out amazed when I appear to read their minds.

Forest Hills,New York Party Venues

No matter what type of event you’re having I’m sure I can help make it more exciting and memorable. I performed party spots all over Austin Street and Queens Boulevard( oh yes and all throughout the USA and Europe, a comedy clubs, corporate events and colleges to name a few). I've done family reunions at the Family Restaurant,  birthday parties at TGIF Fridays, and tons of events at private homes throughout for Forest Hills.

Magician With Live Bunny In Queens!

While the old bunny rabbit out of a hat trick may seem old hat to me I never stopped getting requests for that trick.  I do magic with a live bunny rabbit during my show, but I don’t pull him out of the hat. Instead I produce the rabbit  and he does an amazing card trick that no other bunny rabbit in the world can perform. ( okay I just made that part up, there is a bunny rabbit in Dayton Ohio who allegedly does the same trick, but I happen to know uses a marked deck and not actual magic like my rabbit does).

My magic show formats are pretty flexible. For birthday parties some people want a 30 or 45 minute show. In these cases I generally do a stand-up comedy magic show in the corner of the room. I usually don’t require any kind of special sound equipment or lighting for these events. Other people want a more elaborate show. For a full stage illusion shows where I saw people at half and float them through the air were magically produce a tiger I usually need a little bit more room in a couple thousand dollars more! Still other people want the close-up magic where I stroll around the room doing tricks at the table side after dinner or during cocktail hour.

If you’re looking to book entertainment for a party in Forest Hills and you want someone with an established reputation for doing an outstanding job give me a call as soon as you can. I go all over New York City, Long Island New Jersey and even upstate New York and I can only be in one place at one time, even if I ever magician. That means my weekends sell out fast. So don’t delay otherwise you’ll be left out of the cold. photo credit: wallyg via photopin cc


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