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NYC Magician for Kids!

New York  City Magician Brian McGovern

If you're looking for a magician to make your next party fun, exciting and memorable – you're in the right place!

My children's magic show is available all over New York City. I magically appear in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Queens.

Where can you find the best magician in New York City for children's parties? Anyone can claim to be the best magician, but can they back it up with real testimonials and reviews from countless happy customers?

Most of my bookings come from repeat clients, referrals and audience members who've seen the show at parties throughout the New York area. But if you haven't had the chance to catch my show yet please take a moment and read these reviews.

Here are just a few highlights from real customer testimonials posted on my Facebook page:

"The kids loved you and the whole show was very entertaining and hysterical. I will recommend you to everyone and anyone looking for a magician!" "The kids were amazed, while the parents were laughing hysterically. Not sure if you noticed the restaurant staff (including the chef) all gathered at the door enjoying the show as well. I heard nothing but great remarks from all of my guests. Can't wait to see you at our next big event!!" "Not only did he keep the kids completely enthralled for 45 minutes with his magic, the show also turned out to be (surprisingly) entertaining for the parents. We'd hire him again without hesitation."

As you can see I'm a full-time professional magician and I specialize in doing funny magic shows for family events. Not just kids shows - my shows bring in the entire family.

Whether you're trying to entertain toddlers or teenagers, or parents and grandparents are guaranteed to have fun when you bring in my magic show.

How much does it cost to hire a magician in New York City?

Prices vary based upon the experience and reputation of the performer and the demand for that magician's services. You can hire an inexperienced or less than entertaining magician very cheaply – or you can hire a magician that's appeared on TV and who has some of the biggest names in show business as clients. You get what you pay for.

My prices vary depending upon the date of the show, the timeslot, location, logistics, media rights, staging requirements and so on. In other words a simple birthday party is going to be less expensive than a stage show for hundreds of people at a corporate event.

Looking for a magician with a bunny rabbit in New York City?

I know it's cliché, the old bunny rabbit from the hat trick. The funny thing is most magicians don't perform that trick. But because so many of my customers have asked me to I started to perform magic with a live bunny and I have to say that the kids love it.

During my show the bunny rabbit appears and helps me with some magic tricks. After the show the kids get to come up at the bunny rabbit if they want to. It's a great opportunity to take photographs of the kids with the bunny.

Juggling and balloon sculptures!

Give the people what they want, is what I say. Balloon sculptures are very popular at NYC parties and so I twist up all sorts of crazy and colorful balloons when requested. Since I believe the key to keeping kids really engaged in the show is interaction and surprise I like to mix up my magic with juggling and even a crazy puppet.

Do you perform at birthday parties?

I do a whole bunch of magic shows at birthday parties throughout the New York City area.

Is your magic show just for kids?

I perform for kids, families and the general public. If your party is a mixture of adults and kids then I customize the show to entertain everyone at the event. But, if your party is just for kids then the show will be a little bit goofier.

Do you perform magic for adults?

Yes. I perform regularly at comedy clubs throughout New York as well as corporate events and private parties for people in their 20s, 30s and on up.

Do you do walk- around - magic?

Sure, I perform strolling magic at cocktail parties and other events where people don't want to have a stand up magic show. In this type of performance I mingle with the audience at their tableside and perform jaw-dropping, mind-boggling sleight-of-hand magic right before their eyes. Using this format I've entertained at major corporate events for high level executives, celebrities and so on.

Do you need a lot of space to do magic? Can you perform the show in a small space?

This is New York! Land of the small apartment! Yes, my magic show fits perfectly in any size apartment.

What do you require to set up the show?

I generally just need a quiet corner in the room. I bring my own tables and other equipment that I need for the show. You just need to provide the audience.

Can you entertain at outside parties?

Absolutely. My magic show regularly appears in outdoor venues throughout the city. During the warmer months you can catch my show at parties in Central Park, Prospect Park in Brooklyn – and countless other playgrounds and parks throughout the five boroughs.

Backyard parties, barbecues, company picnics, rooftop parties  – yes I do them all!

As a full-time professional magician I've created the perfect magic show for kids parties that's full of lots of audience interaction, surprises, comedy and of course mind-boggling magic.

My show features classic sleight-of-hand effects and original illusions.

Now - my show SELLS OUT EVERY WEEK - so don't waste another minute - contact me right now before you miss out. Call 646-435-4088 or click here now.


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