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NYC Birthday Party Places in Hell’s Kitchen: Port Authority?

As a professional magician in New York City I’ve entertained at all sorts of places. But a kids’s birthday party in Port Authority? Now, that was a first for me.

The other day I got a call from a man who was planning his daughter’s 7th birthday party. He said he found a fun place – and he as right. FRAMES is a bowling alley located in New York City’s Port Authority Building with its entrance on 9th Ave and 40th Street. But it is much more than just bowling. The place features a very upscale nightclub decor – fun club lighting, a restaurant and wonderful staff.

Frames: Fun Party Space

The kids start off with … bowling. It’s fun and easy (bumpers, kid size bowling boards) and it will keep your guests happy and entertained.

Next … the MAGIC SHOW!

After the children have bowled for an hour they are moved to a private party room. The space I performed in was spacious and well designed. Set back from the bowling lanes, it quiet and private making it a perfect place for a child’s party. Whenever you book a party place for a child’s party look for private rooms that are not easily accessible by the general public and that have limited entrances to keep the kids safe and secure. FRAMES offers a safe, fun and memorable spot for children’s parties.

The staff is incredible! They were quick to change up the lighting – even going so far as to moving a spot light in place. The staff at FRAMES is wonderful.

My magic show ran for about 45 minutes and the kids were delighted when my bunny rabbit appeared.

To book a birthday party at FRAMES go to

Birthday Party Venue Rating: 5 Stars

Space is easy to access in Midtown West. And you can’t miss it! Clean, safe and very appealing.

Food and beverages available. Bring your own cake or they can supply it.

Affordable. Starting a $25 per child with a minimum of 5 kids.


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