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Here's how to find an incredible magician for your party in New York City.


First, get a clear idea of what type of entertainment you want. Do you want a stage show with illusions?

Stage illusionists often require a large stage area with curtains, lighting and sound. If your illusionist uses large animals like tigers - you'd better clear that with your event venue. They may object!

Perhaps you'd prefer a stand-up magic show. Just like stand-up comedy this show format has fewer technical requirements. While professional lighting and sound will improve any performance, it is often possible to stage a stand-up show with just a corner in a room. Ask your professional entertainment booker for advice.

Want to see more information on how to hire a great magician for your party? Here's what some NYC party people are saying about us...

Another option is a "strolling magician." In this popular format the magician mingles with your guests creating laughter and surprise through out the party. Our close-up magician will dazzle your guests with astonishing displays of sleight of hand, mind reading, pickpocketing and other feats of wonder.

And of course, the ever popular birthday party magic show. Hijinx presents magic shows all over New York City, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island - and we also performed all over Long Island and New Jersey. It's the perfect entertainment for a child's birthday party.  If you have a house full of little kids you have to have a great way to entertain them.

We've been entertaining kids at birthday parties since 1979 (okay, we were pretty darn young when we started back in high school) and we'd love to bring our special brand of magic and laughter to your child's birthday party.

Our show features magic tricks and comedy that are age appropriate. No scary tricks for little kids! No "baby tricks" for big kids. We are proud to present the art of sleight of hand to young audiences. Unlike some cheesy birthday party clown that does cheesy tricks purchased at a gag store, the Hijinx magic show presents the ancient art of conjuring into its finest form.

For children's parties we also include comedy juggling, slapstick humor, creative balloon sculptures and a live bunny rabbit! A birthday party show is designed to make the birthday boy or birthday girls day extra special.  We use the birthday child in the show as our featured volunteer and they get to help with lots of magic tricks.

The Hijinx magic show it's a wonderful way to make your child's birthday extra fun extra amazing and memorable. We only accept a handful of shows per day in order to keep a punctual schedule and our energy up ... so if you think you might want to book a Hijinx your child's party, don't delay. We book up fast - especially around Halloween, Christmas, New Year's and the months of May and June.

Don't let your child miss out on having one of New York City's best magicians entertain at your party. Call right away for your date is gone.

Call my office today!


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