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New York City Magician Hijinx - Birthday Party Fun

So - you've got a birthday party to plan?  Birthday parties used to be pretty simple when I was growing up in Brooklyn. My mom (the best mom I ever had) would get a cake.  Sometimes it was an ice cream cake from Carvel, other times she made one and I remember at least one time getting one of those Entemann's cakes.

After lunch she'd tell me to go tell my friends to come over. My buddies would show up and not bring a single gift. They'd come over to help me eat some cake and open my presents.

We'd take my new toy out to the backyard and play. It was a perfect birthday.

Of course one day I got a magic kit for my birthday - I also got magic stuff for Christmas and pretty soon I was a fully fledged magician.

I started getting booked for birthday parties. Big birthday parties.

By the time I was a teenager the "simple birthday party" was on the way out. As we headed into the 1980's spending took off, taste was ditched and soon every parent was part of a massive arms race to have the bigger, better party.

Now I do a whole bunch of birthday party magic shows all over New York City and Long Island.

With my trusty bunny rabbit at my side I do parties for children of all ages. From a birthday party on Long Island for toddlers to a Manhattan teenager's party I'm busier than ever.

OK - that's my two-cents for the day. If you want to book a fun party, give me a call.

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