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Manhattan Magic for Birthday FUN!

Manhattan Magician Hijinx makes parties ... magical.

The one rule for kids parties on Manhattan is, "Don't be lame!" NYC children have been there, done that.  In a city where kids have seen more live entertainers at parties by the age of 6 than other kids will see in a life time, the bar is set pretty high.

There are some great ways to entertain kids at parties - but how do you find the right one for your child's party?

When I help moms and dads book entertainment for a kid's party, I ask:

  • How old are the children at the party?

  • How many children are you inviting?

  • Where is the party?

  • How long is the party?

Knowing the age of the birthday child and their guests is critical in helping me create the right party entertainment package. As a general rule I advise that the younger the children are the shorter the party should be.

Party Entertainment for NYC Toddlers and Young Children:

No clowns.

Did you hear me? No clowns - well at least not the circus style clown. Their makeup, wigs and costumes are way to bizarre and frightening for little kids.

The Hijinx Kid's Show is warm and friendly - never scary. That's because I'm not just a magician but also the very proud father of four wonderful children. Yep, I've been in your shoes before and not only have I entertained at hundreds of children's parties all over New York - but I've thrown plenty of them myself.

My approach to entertaining little kids is different from most other children's entertainers. Instead of a loud and noisy show I start off parties for toddlers and very young children in a slow, friendly and conversational way. Once the kids get to know me, the show begins.

Now - how do I keep kids entertained? Variety, visuals and humor. I don't just do magic - I mix in juggling, goofy sight gags, prop humor, improv, audience participation, balloons and a live bunny rabbit.

I keep the show moving and engage the imagination of the children. The children say the magic words - and they make the magic happen. The children help me fix a trick that goes wrong and they save the day.

Size of Party. If you are hosting a party with more than 4 kids, a magic show is wonderful fun. If you have more than 15 kids coming ... my magic show is essential! Don't try this at home ... without me!

Another rule I live by is "the younger the kids, the fewer to invite."  An apartment packed with 20 6 year-olds is a party. 20 three-year olds is a disaster!

Where is The Party? Manhattan is full of party places for children. They're very popular - but can be noisy and overwhelming.  Having a magic show at the party place helps make your party stand out from the rest.  Running around in a bouncy inflatable is OK, but after a while the kids get over excited and overheated. Change the pace and give them a magic show instead.

Birthday Party at Home? I've done a load of birthday parties in New York City. From the Upper East Side, Lenox Hill, Yorkville and Carnegie Hill down to Battery Park, Soho and The Village ... I've been there and done that!

Having a magic show for your child's birthday party in your apartment really can be a lot of fun. I don't need a lot of space - just a corner of the living room and let the children sit down on the floor a few feet from me and, Presto! It's magic!

I'll make sure your birthday boy or birthday girl is the star of my show. They'll get to be my Magic Assistant and help me perform my tricks. It's a wonderful photo opportunity you won't want to miss.

OK, NYC ... if you want to book the best kids magician in New York (according to a national poll of people I've bribed) here's what you have to do - and soon!

Call me at my office today, now, really.

Since I'm just one magician in a city of millions of people - my weekends sell out fast and regularly. So, don't miss out and end up with a crummy magician or a stinky clown.

Just call and leave me a message - day or night - or check your date here.

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