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Magicians NYC at Hijinx Entertainment

New York City Party Magician Hijinx!

Thanks for dropping by! Looks like you're planning a party in New York City and you're thinking about hiring a magician.  But you've never hired a magician before, you're not sure if you should and how much it costs and how it works.

So now you're trolling through the internet and checking out page after page - and not really sure what you're doing. But then you found me, and now this is my chance to try to convince you to pick up the phone and call me.

Not so fast.

You have questions you want answered first, am I right?  Take 30 seconds and scan through this article - and if when your done you'd like to discuss it just give me a jingle at my office, toll-free. (Not that you care, after all you're calling from your job and pretending to be working. )

Now I don't know what you think of when you think of a magician. Maybe you're thinking of some dude in a tuxedo and top hat pulling bunny rabbits out of hats.

Well, you may think that's cute - but we're not really fond of dressing like  head waiters and plucking Lagomorphs out of archaic headgear.

Maybe you think magic is "just for kids," and you want to hire a magician for the kiddies for your next birthday party.

Is that what you really want?

Fine. We'll do it. OK, we'll even do a bunny trick and wear that silly suit.  I have no principles. You happy now?

Maybe you want a sleight of hand artist for a swanky cocktail party. A close-up magician who can stroll around the party and amaze your guests with dazzling displays of digital dexterity.  Heck - we love that kind of gig.

Maybe you want a really funny comedy-magic show for an adult party? Some mentalism (mind-reading fakery and the like) or wacky hypnosis show? Hey, we do that too. I work with a handful of New York City's magicians - my favorites - and I can match you and your event with the perfect entertainment.  That's where Hijinx Entertainment comes in - that's my little clearing house for odd-ball entertainment.

I've got everything from 10 foot tall Elvis impersonators on stilts to clowns that aren't creepy or scary - to ventriloquists who can make Howard Stern blush - and jugglers, hula dancers, a guy who pounds nails into his head, balloon twisting comedians and more.  (Where did I go wrong? If I could only find my high school guidance counselor ...)

But I digress. You wanted to find a great magician in New York for your party and you had questions. Right.  Well, your pal Hijinx put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions about hiring a magician in New York ... so here you go. (Or you could just pick up the phone and call me at my office and I can answer your questions directly ....)

How do I find a magician for a party in New York City?

You just did. That's me. I do all sorts of parties and events. You'll love it. In fact, I guarantee your guests will be astonished. (Of course I'm not backing that statement with any money, am I?  Of course not! But I do guarantee that you will love our show or I'll do your laundry for a week).

How do I know you're any good, Magic Boy?

OK Spanky, I got some quotes from real live clients and I can even provide you with references from some of New York's top country clubs and event venues. I've been doing this silly thing since 1979 and I love it! (I started in high school ok? That's over 30 years of experience. )

Here are some juicy quotes from Hijinx clients:

"I just wanted to say Thank You for your wonderful performance yesterday at my son's Nicholas' 4 year old birthday party. You were a huge hit with the adults as well as the children. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who asks. Everyone was talking about your show long after you left. My son was very excited that he had a magician at his party that was so funny (and tolerant of some children not always listening, the birthday boy included). Thank you again for making Nicholas' party a hit!!!!!"

Not bad, right. How about this one ...

"Thank YOU! I have never received so many compliments on a party before ... Everyone loved your show - both children and adults. Also, if you are ever in our area, please let us know. I'd be very happy to host you for dinner at our club to thank you in person. Bring your family too"

I like this one too ...

"We can't thank you enough for putting together an amazing show for our guests. The guys were terrific to work with, and their performance struck the audience on an emotional level. I've received a host of thank you's and I would imagine all of our guests are still in amazement. You have been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to planning our future events with you."

Here's another from the Bronx ...

"Everyone enjoyed your show from the kids to the adults. They are still talking about what a good show you put on."

Or this one from Wantagh, Long Island ...

"Thank you!! The kids really enjoyed the show!"

Shucks, ain't that nice? So, why aren't calling me yet?  You want I should I go on? Listen Toots, we ain't getting any younger. You want to spend the rest of your day Googling, who am I to stop you?  I'm just saying unless you have cheese for brains, you might want to call my office.

More FAQ ...

Where do you perform?

From Manhattan to Brooklyn and all over Bronx, Staten Island and Queens. Long Island. New Jersey. And if the money is right, I'd even go to Indiana.

What types of parties and events do you do?

Birthday parties, parties for kids, parties for adults, retirement parties, Sweet 16's, bar mitzvahs (and anything else with a bar in it) bat mitzvahs (but no other bat related functions) Communion parties, baptisms, Holiday Parties and even (dare I say it?) Christmas Parties.

I've done shows on ships, cruises around Manhattan, roof tops, back yards, bars, comedy clubs (including Dangerfields, Comic Strip an NY Comedy Club) resorts (including Ceasar's Resorts ... but not the nice one, this one was a cruddy, run down joint in the Poconos - and no, I won't do a show in the Poconos, unless you pay me.)

I've done trade shows, client events, product launches, shows in Central Park ... you get the idea yet?

How much does it cost to hire a magician for a party?

You can go find a lunatic off Craigslist for $50 who will ruin your party. Way to go cheapo!

You can pay David Blaine $100,000 to show up. If you're lucky maybe he'll show up in a block of ice. That's entertainment!

Or ... you could call your buddy Hijinx. I'm somewhere in between - but a bargain at any rate.

How long is your magic show?

How long do you want it to be? I can provide a 12 minute opening act or 3 hours of walk-around entertainment. Just let me know what you want!

What kind of tricks do you do?

Amazing ones. No cheesy - fake props - just pure sleight of hand. I perform unexpected acts of the magical kinds.  Can I produce a tiger?  Sure, if that makes you happy - but the condo board might have a problem with that.

Do you wear a top hat  and cape?

Do YOU? There's your answer. You want Mandrake, go read a comic book.

What should I do now?

Easy. Call me at my office.  We only have a handful of dates available at any time - and once we sell out, you're out of luck Cupcake.  So, I'd pick up the phone right now or email me toot-sweets there Sparky.

Otherwise you'll be stuck with some God-awful magician who stinks of gin and cats and your children will hate you. Call now.


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