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Magicians for Parties in Nassau County

Magicians for Parties in Nassau County

Did somebody say "party?" Hijinx The Magician specializes in fun and amazing birthday parties all over Nassau County, Long Island NY.

Marvelous Magic!

A Cute, Live Bunny Rabbit The Kids Love!

Wacky Comedy Juggling!

Incredible Balloon Sculptures!

Hijinx Makes Birthday Parties Magical and FUN!

All over Long Island, from Glen Cove to Garden City ... from Valley Stream to Westbury (and every other neighborhood on the island) parents are discovering the magic and fun of Hijinx!

Want to give your birthday child a party to remember? Full of wonder, laughter and surprise? Give us a call at my office right now to check your date.

Hijinx's calendar fills up fast! Our busiest months are December (lots of Christmas parties, Hanukkah parties, lots of corporate Holiday parties) ... April and May sell out fast because of Communion Parties ... October is busy with Halloween parties ... January and February are busy ... for some reason we do a ton of Christening parties in the cold months ... March is steady ... June, July and August - we're busy with Summer Camp shows, block parties, company picnics, street fairs, carnivals ... September is big for all sorts of kid's events. Lots of business owners book us to help promote themselves to moms and dads with kids ... November - busy with every type of party.

OK ... enough ... go check out Hijinx!


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