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Magicians for Communion Party in Long Island

How to Find the Best Magician for Your Child's Party

Magicians are very popular entertainment for Communion Parties all over Nassau and Suffolk Counties. But how do you find the best magician for your child's party? How much do magicians charge, what types of tricks do they do and what kinds of shows do they offer? I'm so glad you asked.

First, always hire a professional magician.

A professional magician has to be good. The pro has to show up, arrive on time and delight audiences every time - if not that magician will be out of business. Sure, you can hire a part-time amateur ... but if he isn't good enough to be a full time professional ... if he isn't dedicated to his art to be a full time professional ... you may end up booking a crummy act.

Second, always check reviews

A really good magician will have great reviews (like these). Read those reviews carefully. Are those reviews talking about the show at an event like yours? If you are planning a communion party, you want magician who can entertain kids and adults.

Look for a Family Entertainer, not a Kiddie-Show Clown

Communion party guests usually range in age from babies to grand-parents. Older kids and teens will not want to watch a magic show if it is "for babies," but don't go to the other extreme. Magicians for adults are sometimes too much for little kids. I heard of one magician who brings a head-chopper to a party ... he scared the little ones! That's why I never do anything scary or inappropriate.

Video Clips

Any magician who can't show you a video clip of his act is very unprofessional. The video doesn't have to be long but it should give you a good sense of what to expect.

Prices to Hire Magicians on Long Island

You'll find some cheap magicians on Long Island who will charge under $200. Why are they so cheap? Well, when you aren't as good as the competition you have to work for less. These cheapo magic acts aren't being paid well - and the moment you see the act you know why. Their props are beat up, their clothing wrinkled. Their tricks are silly things that require no skill or practice .... and these tricks won't fool or entertain you.

You'll also find some expensive magicians. Some don't want to do kid's parties or family events - so they toss out ridiculous prices like $2,000 to $3,000 for a 30 minute show! Other's like Long Island's own Criss Angel charge $10,000 to $50,000 to appear at a bar mitzvah (yes, he still does Bar Mitzvahs and so does David Blaine)

Expect to pay around $350 to $650 to book a magician for a Communion Party on a weekend in May. The month of May is one of the busiest for local magicians, almost as busy as Christmas time. You can save money on my magic show just by mentioning my bunny rabbit by name (Tabitha).

When to Schedule The Show

If you're booking a party room at a restaurant or banquet hall for 4 hours, try to schedule the show to start right in the middle. For example, if your party is scheduled from 1 pm to 5 pm, book the magic show to start at 3 PM.

You'll want to give your guests enough travel time before the food is served - so don't have the show at the beginning. It is best to serve the show after the main course and before dessert. Don't book it during the final hour of the party; that hour is when the guests who have a long distance to travel will start to leave.

Where to Have The Show

Some larger catering halls and restaurants will set up a corner of the room for the show. Once in a while they'll even set aside a small room just for the show. That's ideal. Most of the time I set up in the front of the room (away from doorways and the kitchen to minimize distractions). Very often I set up in front of your party DJ ( and if you need a party DJ, talk to me - I know several really good ones)

Magic Show Formats

My typical show for communion parties is 45 minutes. I perform a mixture of sleight of hand and stand-up comedy ... and I mix in some juggling  and puppetry ... and a whole bunch of audience participation. I get audience members to volunteer to become part of the show. This makes for some very memorable magic.

Magic Show Extras

I do balloon sculptures ... but I don't recommend them. One guy making balloons for 20 kids means a long line of kids. And the moment I leave, the balloon start to pop! Plus, balloons are a choking hazard and should not be given to small children. Stick with the magic show.

Well, I hope this article helps you figure out your entertainment options for your next communion. Contact me if you have any questions!

If you're thinking about hiring a magician, please contact me at this link.


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