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Magicians for Christmas Parties in New York

Planning a Christmas Party in New York? One fun way to keep the youngsters happy is a fun magic show.

When the children show up for your company's Christmas Party (ok, Holiday Party ... but if Santa Claus shows up, it's a Christmas Party) a magic show will keep them happy and organized. I do holiday parties for some of New York City's top companies, hedge funds, law firms and every other sort of event. Lots of local firehouses, schools, churches and other community groups also book me to do magic every single year. Why?

My magic show is fun ... I mix amazing sleight of hand magic with stand-up comedy, juggling, puppetry and plenty of audience participation. Parents love to see their kids come up on stage to help in the magic show. It's a moment those children will never forget.

But here's the thing ... even though I'm the best magician in New York (according to my bunny rabbit) I really can't be in two places at the same time. That means you'd better book now!

I travel all over New York ... I mean from way out in Suffolk Long Island to Manhattan and even way up yonder to the Capital Region. There are hundreds of parties every weekend ...but I only do 3 parties a day. So, what are you waiting for?

Bring magic, comedy, juggling and even a live bunny rabbit to your next Christmas Party!


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