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Magicians Brooklyn - Kids Magic Shows

Brooklyn magician Hijinx makes birthday parties fantastic fun. If you're looking for a magician Brooklyn Hijinx is your man! It's fantastic birthday party package is a wonderful way to make any birthday party a magical event.

This magic show features a live bunny rabbit, balloon animals, juggling, and loads of the hilarious audience participation. Hijinx was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. He loves entertaining all over the fantastic county of Kings. From Brooklyn Heights to Williamsburg from Canarsie debate Ridge from Marine Park Flatbush the Prospect Park to Park slope this a marvelous and magician entertains kids of all ages.

His magic show for children's birthday parties is customizable. Shows range in time from 30 minutes up to two hours depending upon the age of the children, the size of the party and your preferences. Each show is designed to captivate the imagination of kids and adults with outstanding sleight-of-hand magic and astounding illusions. The show is highly interactive so kids take part in making the magic happen. Hijinx uses lots of volunteers in his show.

The art of magic is the perfect addition to any birthday party. Magic is universal in that it appeals to the young and old alike. Depending upon the age range of the audience Hijinx will customize his magic show for maximum appeal. The show was completely flexible. He can before an on a large stage, a small living room, a backyard, a block party, a restaurant or catering hall. The magic show can be as big or small as you'd like.

Hijinx is an expert in close-up magic. His sleight of hand will dazzle your guests as they watched miracles happen just inches away from their very eyes. Things vanish, float, change, magically appear and transform without any logical explanation. (Other than that he's cheating).

If you want to bring the fun and magic of Hijinx to your child's birthday party in Brooklyn New York give us a call. We're at my office. Magicians are standing by.

Hijinx has appeared all over New York City and Long Island since 1979. His unique blend of magic and comedy and audience participation is a surefire success for any party. Whether you're entertaining a house full of four-year-olds or catering hall full of teenagers you can customize our show that's sure to delight everyone.

Be sure to check out his birthday party packages and his or her views on Facebook.

But remember, this magician is in big demand. So if you're looking to book entertainment now's the time to act. The show sells out regularly, especially on weekends. Be sure to ask about our weekday specials!

Now the magic and wonder of Hijinx can come to your child's birthday party. So Brooklyn, pick up that phone and call today.


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