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Magician Turtle Bay NYC

NYC Magician Hijinx

Today I did a birthday party for three year olds in New York City up near the United Nations building in the neighborhood known as Turtle Bay or Midtown East. The party was up on 46th St and 2nd Ave for a cute little girl who was turning three and about 10 other children all the same age. Three is a challenging age for a birthday party entertainer.  You need to be a very good judge of just how intellectually and socially advanced the children are. Some of them are more advanced than others.

There were about 20 young parents at the party so I had a great time entertaining them in addition to the little ones. When I entertain for such young kids what I generally do is start to show off very quietly. Typically, I'm sitting on the floor (crisscross applesauce) and I start things off with a quiet trick that uses a handkerchief that appears and disappears several times. On the last time the handkerchief magically transforms into a red rubber ball.  I toss the ball to the children a few times and let them toss it back to me. Finally I take the ball and toss it into the air where it vanishes.

The ball magically reappears in my other hand but I pretend not to see it. Naturally the children are excited because they know something a grownup doesn't know. They point and yell at me to look at my other hand which of course I pretend not to understand until I finally look and when I do I act like I'm completely shocked. For some reason the kids think this is hilarious!

The ball continues to vanish and reappear in the strangest places and then magically turns back into the handkerchief. I like this opening sequence because it helps establish rapport with the kids and at the same time it's very powerful and visual magic that even three-year-olds can understand.

I do a ton of magic shows at birthday parties all over New York City, not just Turtle Bay. Yesterday I was in Battery Park and Friday I was entertaining in Tribeca. Some days I'm in Brooklyn and other days I'm in Long Island. There are so many parties in New York City and Long Island that I'm always magically appearing someplace.

If you're interested in booking my magic show for birthday party please give me a call at my office!


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