Magician on New York City Cruise

This past weekend I had the opportunity to entertain on board a wonderful yacht, The Affinity. The Affinity is an elegant yacht that has entertained celebrities and business moguls up and down the Hudson River for the last two years.

New York City Magician On Party Boat in Hudson

I was hired to do a magic show for a 70th birthday party. My job was to mingle with the guests and perform close-up magic for the guests.  What fun!

Of course there were lots of kids to entertain. My client had six lively grandchildren - and they needed some amusement. I did lots of goofy magic for the younger kids, made balloon animals and taught them how to do magic too.

I dazzled the adults with some pretty darn slick sleight of hand and mind reading miracles. But then I ran into a problem.

The party became focused on every trick I did. Normally a walk around magician can take the same 10 minutes of material and repeat it over and over for different groups - but the party became ONE BIG GROUP.

Luckily I'm always prepared. (So, I guess that's not really luck) I went back to the dressing room and brought out a whole new set of material. The crowd went nuts!

"Do that again!" one woman screamed when I made a sea shell decoration suddenly vanish from here hand. "How did you do that? I was holding it tight!"

I gave her my patented smug magician's smile and disappeared.

The Affinity docks off Chelsea Piers, New York City 10011.

If you're planning a party in New York City and want a fun entertainer who will amaze and amuse all your guests, give me a call. I'm a professional NYC party magician for hire.

Kids, adults, teens - business or private parties - I do it all. But I book up fast! If you are even thinking about having me at your party, call as early as possible - before I'm booked up. Call my office.

Magician in Chelsea ... Upper East Side ... the Village ... all over NYC. If you need magic, give me a call.

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