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Magician NYC Columbia University Area

Did a magic show for a birthday party near Morningside Heights by Columbia University today. It was a fun party for a little boy who was turning 4 ... and to think just this past Labor Day I was entertaining at a private party in Southampton for a 21 year old's birthday. Obviously I use different material!

I couldn't believe my luck at finding a meter with a 6 hour parking limit in NYC ... that is magic. I've never seen a street meter over 2 hours in Manhattan ... oh, but back to the party.

So I did my happy magic show for the kiddies and the moms - I always enjoy making the parents laugh too. I don't think they expect much from a children's entertainer - so I guess the bar is kind of low. But all those years of doing stand-up comedy in New York City mean that my show can play to adults and kids.

If you are looking to hire a magician for a kid's birthday party in New York City, I hope you'll check out my show on my main website: Hijinx The Magician. Give me a call!

Hijinx Magic Show, Hijinx Entertainment.


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