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Magician Long Island Kid Party

Magician Long Island Kid Party

OK ... you have a house full of screaming kids at your child's birthday party... how the heck are you going to keep the entertained?


Yes, dear Long Island parent, Hijinx. The world's greatest magician (in his zip code) hears your pleas for help. Just give him a call at my office and just like magic he'll appear! (Unless there's traffic on the LIE)

Yes, Hijinx! Maker on Magic, Mirth and Merriment!

Kids' parties are my specialty! I'll bring my kid tested, mother approved magic show to your next party and suddenly your child will get better grades, become more popular and you'll lose 20 pounds overnight.

OK, maybe not. But the show is a hoot!

Give me a buzz - I'll help you figure out how to keep those little rug-rats happy!

Be sure to check out more information on my Long Island Magic Show here.

Looking for a magiacian long island kid party ? Learn how to spell!


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