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Magician in Yonkers New York - Party Magician for Kids

Yonkers Goes Bonkers for The Hijinx Magic Show ... Presented by Brian McGovern

If you are searching for a funny kid's magician for a birthday party in Yonkers, New York - a magic show with a LIVE BUNNY? How's about some goofy juggling, a crazy puppet and some wild and crazy balloon sculptures?

Amazing Magic!

Jaw-dropping, astounding and surprising magic, illusion and sleight of hand that will dazzle and delight your guests young and old. "Now you see it! Now you don't!"  Now you can magically transform a boring party into a fun event. Presto Chango! Laughter, applause and magical memories.

Live Bunny!

What's a kid's magic show without a live bunny rabbit? My magic show features my wonderful bunny Hijinx who will charm audiences young and old when he performs his very own magic trick!

Balloon Sculptures

Balloon animals of all sorts and shapes. Crazy hats, toys and beasts twisted from balloons. Yonkers parties burst with joy when my balloons don't. This is one twisted balloon twister ... I make balloons entertaining.

I create a special magic program for each event.  That means if you're planning a party for toddlers I'll do a different show than if I were entertaining pre-teens at a bar mitzvah. For kids ages 3 to 5, the magic is colorful, interactive and goofy. For children ages 6 through 8, I present more amazing magic and get the kids to volunteer to help in the show.  Kids ages 9 through 11 get a more sophisticated magic show. For teens I do "cool magic" like mind reading tricks and slick sleight of hand. For adults I do a stand-up comedy magic show that is big on laughs and amazing magic. For family parties, where there is a broad range of ages I do a high energy magic show that combines the best of magic, juggling and other tomfoolery to produce a family fun show that is great for mixed audiences.

My magic show is perfect for a kid's birthday party, holiday celebration, block party, school event, fundraiser, communion party, baptism and so on.

The show is full of laughter, surprises and lots of astonishing magic. I can entertain kids and grown-ups - which makes the show great for anniversary parties or other big family events where people tend to invite a broad range of ages (like first birthday parties).


What makes my show so funny? You! I realize that family and friends delight in watching the people they know do funny things and so I use lots of audience participation in the show. I get Uncle Charlie up to read Aunt Mary's mind. I get the birthday child to create laughter when he or she outsmarts the magician on stage.

Juggling, A Crazy Puppet ...

Variety is the spice of life and the key to making my show so captivating. Parents and teachers are amazed at how I can hold the attention of little kids. The secret is variety and surprise. That's why I break out a wacky juggling routine and have a silly puppet do a trick or two.

How long is the show?

Usually I do a one hour show ( please check my main website for full details at ) but I can do 2 or 3 hours.

How big is the show?

I can do a small birthday party with a handful of children ... or a big event for hundreds.  Some people will book me to do "close-up" magic where I stroll among the guests and do sleight of hand tricks right under their noses. That's a lot of fun - it adds entertainment without having to corral the guests to sit down and watch.

Now, a lot of people think "tricks are for kids," but some of the best parties I do are for adults. If you want some fun entertainment for a 30th, 40th, 50th birthday - magic is it.  The birthday celebrant becomes star of the show.  I combine stand-up comedy with magic to create a very interactive show. It is a wonderful way to get a diverse group together. Many times you'll invite people from work, relatives and friends ... and they don't interact. With magic I get them all laughing and interacting.

OK Yonkers ... you know the drill. If you want more info, please visit my main site .... Yonkers NY Magician


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