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Magician in Sunnyside Queens NY for Parties

I was the magician for a Going Away party in Sunnyside.QueensNY. It was a fun party for adults in one house and another party for their kids at another.

Magician for Kids in Sunnyside Queens.

I went to the house where all the kids were staying. It was about7:30at night, just before the kids were ready to settle down. I showed up with my magic show and the kids were absolutely delighted. They responded really well to the colorful magic and juggling and they went absolutely bonkers when my bunny rabbit appeared.

The secret to a successful magic show for children is variety. That’s why I always combine lots of different things in my magic show. Some kids will respond better to juggling, others love balloon animals. The magic that I do is very interactive and funny for kids. The other thing that makes my show so successful is that I use lots of audience participation. The children just love to volunteer for all the tricks. When a kid gets up to wave the magic wand and say the magic words, it’s an experience they’ll never forget. I let the kids help create the magic.

Magician for adults and Sunnyside Queens.

Next, after the magic show up for the kids was over, I headed to the apartment where all the adults were. This was a lot of fun. The host of the party decorated their house like it was a cruise ship and I was the cruise ship entertainer for the evening. They even went so far as to put a placard in the lobby with my photo on it. It was a really fun group of grown-ups who were enjoying a night on the town while the kids were having a great time a few blocks away.

Since this was a group of good friends I made sure to use lots of audience participation. Everybody enjoys seeing their buddies get called up on stage to help the magician. I make it a lot of fun for the volunteer. I never make them feel stupid. All the humor is fun spirited and most of the time I make myself the butt of the joke.

For grown-ups I always try to include some mind reading magic as well as some pretty slick sleight-of-hand. I find that the men enjoy the sleight-of-hand while the women enjoy the psychic tricks more. By combining standup comedy with sleight-of-hand I create a pretty fun show for any type of adult parties.

If you’re looking for a fun magician and Sunnyside Queens whether it’s for kids or grown-ups I hope you’ll check me out.


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