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Magician in Park Slope, Brooklyn NY

This past weekend I did a number of birthday party magic shows in and around Park Slope. See Brooklyn Magician for more info.

If you're planning a family party or a kid's event and you're looking for some fun entertainment ... you may just want to check out my goofy little magic show.

It's got magic (duh) comedy (hah) juggling (?) and balloon sculptures ... and a live bunny rabbit too. Shucks!

Of course, if you want to estrange your children and spouse ... if you want to be the worse person ever and throw a crap party - who am I to stop you? Go hire yourself a cheap clown. Sure, your children will hate you ... but you will manage to save a buck or two.

Here are some places to party in Brooklyn ... many other fine joints all over Seventh Avenue.

Two Boots/ 514 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY

Rancho Allegre / 204 Garfield Pl

Yamato /168 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Elementi /140 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Pino's La Forchetta /181 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Sette Restaurant / 207 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Sotto Voce / 225 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Scottadito / 788 A Union Street, Brooklyn, NY


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