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Magician in New York for Kids

Looking for a fun magician in new york for a kids party? Want a magic show that features an adorable live bunny rabbit, wacky juggling tricks, bizarre balloons and jaw-dropping impossible magic?  The Hijinx Magic Show is available in New York City (including Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx and of course Manhattan ) as well as all of Long Island.

Now your child's party can be more fun than ever before. Imagine how happy your child and friends will be when you treat them to this award winning magician's show!

The Hijinx Magic Show was written for children ages 3 through 10. While that's a wide age range to entertain, Hijinx uses a combination of visual magic, sight gags, juggling, balloon artistry and improv comedy to create a magical world of wonder and laughter.

The Hijinx Magic Show runs from 30 minutes to two-hours, based on the requirements of the event. Most birthday party shows are one hour long and include a balloon animal souvenir for every child.

Get your party started with Hijinx! Call today!

Hijinx Entertainment my office!


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