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Magician in East Hills, Long Island NY

This Long Island magician had an amazing day at the Sid Jacobson Community Center in East Hills, New York.  I had the honor of entertaining the kids here and I had a blast. We did 2 magic shows and 4 workshops and it was truly amazing.

First off, the counselors at this community center are incredible, to a person. They made sure the children were well behaved (and it helps that they were great kids from great families) and during the magic workshop the counselors were right there to make sure their kids were learning.

I'm not sure if you can book a party at Sid Jacobson - but I will check. The facilities are great, plenty of parking and it's right off Northern Boulevard.

So ... if you came to this page looking for information on magicians who do kids parties in East Hills, New York ... you're in the right place ... but for more information, please check out



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