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Magician in Cobble Hill Brooklyn

Just yesterday I performed my magic show at a wonderful party spot in Brooklyn. If you are looking for a fun place to host a children's birthday party in Brooklyn Heights / Cobble Hill - be sure to check out "The Moxie Spot" on Atlantic Avenue near Henry Street. It is a spacious, kid-friendly place and upstairs is a big, fun party room. It is a great place to host a kid's birthday party in Brooklyn. Want to know something really cool? You can book a party there for early afternoon and save a bunch of money. If you don't require the entire second floor you can host your party there - just as long as you are OK with mingling with other customers. If you hire a magician or other entertainer, realize that other customers will be watching the show. The owner is really cool. He knows how to run a fun place while keeping things organized and safe. Now - if you want to make the party really fun, well you know you're going to need a really fun party magician (wink, wink). My show is a fun filled 60 minutes of colorful magic, juggling and even balloon sculptures. You can amaze and delight your guests with a professional magic show! I'm a kid's party specialist and I do birthdays, communion parties, school parties, Christenings, naming ceremonies and every other type of children's ot family special occasions. Now you see it, now you don't! Check out my main website at or call me today at my office. And check out The Moxie Spot


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