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Magician in Central Park

Here in Central Park near Turtle Pond to do a birthday party magic show. It's a perfect day. The park is one of my favorite places to perform. Ever since I was a kid this place has been magical. I think my fascination with the place started when I saw a photo of Jeff Sheridan doing street magic here back in the 70's in a book titled "World's Greatest Magicians." Something about Sheridan's image in front of a crowd of amazed faces made me want to someday perform here. Now I do a number of shows in Central Park every year. As I walked in with my cases and tables - oddly dressed for a day in the park - I got nods from the musicians (lots of saxophone players). I thought, "How cool is this? I'm doing what I love in the greatest city in the world on the nicest day of the year!" Belvedere Castle is just behind Turtle Pond and I will be setting up on the lawn here once my party shows up. After this I will cab it over to Riverside Drive and do another party in Elephant Park ... Then off to Old Westbury ...then a show in Glen Head, Long Island. What a great day to be a magician!

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