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Magician in Brooklyn College New York

I performed my magic show over near Brooklyn College this past weekend for a boy's birthday party. He was turning 9 years old and his parents wanted to hire a magician that was age appropriate. What is age appropriate for a 9 year old's birthday?

Amazing sleight of hand - not cheesy looking fake tricks that any birthday party clown can buy.  All my magic is done using misdirection, sleight-of-hand and humor. I do magical things with ordinary objects. I turn a playing card into money, make handkerchiefs vanish, change colors and magically appear from thin air.  Bottles vanish, ropes are cut and restored, minds are read ... pencils dissolve in midair and reappear from my nose (trust me, it's just gross enough that the kids love it)

OK .... so go check out my Brooklyn Magician page and give me a call before your date disappears!

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