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Magician Hamptoms: Best Hamptons NY Party Magician for Family Events

"New York's Best Reviewed Magician Delights East End Audiences"

Party planners on the East End call me up when they want a funny, family friendly magic show for parties in the Hamptons. Sure, I do birthday parties for kids ... but I do a whole lot more than that. Take for example, that hedge fund giant who has that great 4th of July Party every year. Why does his event planner request my magic show, every single year?

Reputation & Results. No event planner in her right mind is going to hire an unknown magician to entertain a client's guests.  The very best planners only work with proven professionals. They know that when they book my show, the guests will love it - every time.

So, how do I do it? It's magic.

My magic and comedy show is for family audiences. Not just kids, not just adults. Most magicians can't do both - they're either great with kids but too simple for adults - or they do great magic that only an adult can appreciate. Somehow, I've developed a show that amazes adults and delights the children too.

Magician Hamptons

Magic. Yes, I'm a magician but I prefer to call what I do "sleight of hand." I've spent years, yes years, practicing and perfecting my illusions. I've had some very sharp people watch my show over and over again, trying to figure out how I do what I do. They become my biggest fans. But tricking people isn't what magic is about.

Entertainment. Tricks aren't enough, even if they are mind-boggling. The audience doesn't want to be fooled - they want to be amazed. My job is to make them feel wonder and surprise - and laughter too.

Comedy. Funny, funny, funny. I'd rather get you to laugh out loud than trick you. My show is built to be funny. Funny for kids, adults and even teenagers.

Professional Magician. When it comes time to hire entertainment for your next event, you can take a chance and book "somebody," or you can go with the best reviewed magician in New York.

No other magician on Long Island can compare:

Full time professional magician. Professional event planners deal with professionals, not amateurs or part-timers.Stand-up comic. I've appeared at comedy clubs across the country.

Best Reviews. Nobody has better reviews .... see for yourself


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