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Magician for Tol Birthday Parties In Flushing, Queens New York

Birthday Party Entertainment in Queens, New York

When you are planning your child's birthday party, don't forget the fun! I entertain at kid's parties all over Queens for all kinds of events. From christenings to naming ceremonies to first birthday parties and beyond. My show is perfect for family events because it's entertaining for all ages.

I've been performing my magic show all over NYC and Queens is always the most interesting. After all, it's the most ethnically diverse city in the world. I may start the day doing a baptismal brunch, do a Korean tol party in the afternoon and a bar mitzvah that night. Every audience is different but thankfully every audience loves to laugh and to be amazed by magic.

Looking for a funny magician to entertain the children at a party in Flushing New York? I've been performing at a number of Korean first birthday parties (Tol celebrations). Out of all the birthday party magic shows I do I'd have to say the most memorable parties are these beautiful Tol events.

I particularly enjoy the Toljabee ceremony. After the children have enjoyed the magic show they gather around to watch the baby choose the object that will predict his or her future. I noticed that none of the objects are magic wands, just as well, don't let your babies grow up to be magician's mom.

KumGangSan has a great banquet hall that I have performed that many times and I'm delighted to be recommended to their clients. Their party room is beautiful and big. Everything there is perfectly managed. The waitstaff is very professional and the restaurant management really knows how to make their customers happy. I highly recommend KumGangSan on Northern Blvd. in Flushing New York.

The Dae Dong Manor, 15024 Northern Boulevard, Flushing 11354-3804.

Dae Dong Manor is a catering facility with numerous banquet halls.  The facilities are gracious and the staff is professional helpful.  When I recently performed at a first birthday party there the waiters and the hostess went out of their way to make make my show the best it could be.

All of my children's magic shows feature lots of amazing magic tricks, funny juggling, a wacky raccoon puppet, a live bunny rabbit and incredible balloon sculptures too. So if you're looking for a magician, a juggler or a balloon artist please give me a call and let me help you plan a terrific birthday party.


Looking for birthday party clown in Queens New York?  Hiring a birthday party clown sounds like a great idea.  The trouble is that a lot of children are afraid of clowns.  Some party clowns are very scary to toddlers and babies.  Plus, older children don't like to be condescended to and see clowns as to baby-ish. In general I do not recommend that you hire a birthday clown. But there are exceptions and I do have a handful of professional clowns who know how to delight the kids. They don't wear a lot of scary makeup or big frizzy wigs.  So, if you have your heart set on hiring a real professional birthday party clown give me a call and I'd be happy to recommend someone great for you.

Well that's it for me, my weekend sell out fast so if you're thinking about hiring someone to do a magic show at a party for you call me sooner than later before my calendar fills up and all my available dates disappear.

Great magician for birthday parties. Flushing Queens, New York. Korean Tol ceremony entertainment for children. Magic, juggling, live bunny rabbit.


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