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Magician for School and Camps in New York

Every month I get calls from PTA members who are looking for a great magician to entertain the kids at an upcoming school. From Christmas parties and Hanukkah parties in the winter to “last day of school parties” and fundraisers of all sorts, magic is a great way to entertain all the kids.

Magic Shows for School Events

My school magic show is perfect for grammar schools who want to entertain multiple classes at the same time. My show is a perfect blend of magic and comedy that appeals to first-graders and even eighth graders, all the same time. The secret to my success is audience participation from all class groups. I make sure to pick volunteers from the different grades, and I make sure I picked an equal number of boys and girls to be on stage magic volunteers. The kids really enjoyed watching their friends get up on stage and help the magician perform funny amazing magic.

My show is a combination of sleight-of-hand magic, stand up comedy, juggling, corny jokes, physical comedy, shtick, slapstick and visual sight gags. It’s not just a magic show, it’s a variety experience. Teachers and principals are always so happy to see how well the children pay attention during my show. By varying the pace, changing up the material and including lots of surprises during the show I’m able to hold their attention and thoroughly entertain them.

I've been performing at schools all over New York City and Long Island for over 30 years. I have outstanding references and impressive reviews you can read right here. As a father of four kids myself and a former scout leader I know exactly how to communicate with kids so that they listen and have fun.

Some schools will hire me for fundraisers. I’ll work out some sort of arrangement with the school so that we can make sure they make money by bringing in a magic show. Other schools simply want to thank the kids and sponsor the show outright.

Magician for Camp Events

My magic show is very popular with summer camp directors who want to bring in funny and interactive entertainment at an affordable price. I travel all over New York including New York City, Long Island, Westchester County, New Jersey and Connecticut.

  • amazing magic

  • juggling

  • comedy

  • live bunny rabbit

  • audience participation

  • fun for all age ranges

The format of the show is very flexible. I can do one week show for all the camp attendees more we can break the show up into smaller segments so that I’ll do the show for the young kids, take a break, do another show for the bigger kids, and even do a show for the counselors.

I look forward to helping you put on a great show for your school or camp.

photo credit: ToniVC via photopin cc


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