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Magician for Roosevelt Island Parties

Lately I've been doing lots of entertaining on Roosevelt Island. With so many families living on the island it seems like I'm there every single month. Whether it's a birthday party, christening, family event, communion party, or even a surprise party for adults people on the island are bringing me back time and time again to entertain the guests.

Just recently I was at the Octagon House for children's party where there were about a dozen kids excitedly waiting for the magic show to begin. there was a great mix of ages with children ranging from toddlers to preteens but with my extensive repertoire of magic I'm able to create a customized show that's perfect for all ages. I like to combine several different types of circus arts like juggling with traditional sleight-of-hand magic. This ensures that there's lots of variety in action going on in the show.

Magic Show with Live Bunny Rabbit.

It seems that everybody loves my little bunny rabbit. At the end of my magic show my bunny rabbit magically appears to do a trick. Then, all the children lined up to pet the bunny and it makes for great photo opportunity.

So if you're looking for some fun, original, exciting and amazing entertainment for your next event on Roosevelt Island I'd love to hear from you. I know my way around the place and I love the neighborhood.

I can perform my show pretty much anywhere. I've done shows out in the park, in apartments, schools and in the community party rooms at the various apartment buildings along Main Street. I never required too much room to set up the show. As long as you have enough room for the children to sit around a few feet away from the show area, that's all I need.

I've been entertaining with magic all over New York City since I was a kid. I actually started doing performances at parties when I was a freshman in high school but I began practicing magic when I was about six years old. Since then I've gone on to perform at major comedy clubs throughout the country, colleges, high schools, corporate events, and tons and tons of private parties. If you want someone with experience that can present a really fun show that all your guests will love, be sure to check out my reviews watch my video and then pick up the phone and give me a call.

I perform all over New York and so my weekends tend to sell out pretty quickly. Try to give me a call as soon as you have your date in line. I'll be happy to work with you to find the perfect time to schedule the show.

When you're planning your party you want to make sure that you schedule the magic show at the appropriate time. It usually makes sense to schedule the show to begin about half an hour after the invited start time. So if your schedule and your party to start at noon, schedule the magic show to start at 1230. My show runs anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour, depending upon what you need. What I generally find works best is a 45 minute magic show. That generally is enough time to present a really fun show but without going too long. A rule of thumb seems to be that the younger your guests are the shorter your show should be. While I've done a 60 minute show for classroom full of three-year-olds I find that sometimes less is more with the very young.

I can also provide you with all sorts of balloon sculptures. The kids love to line up and get balloon hats, balloons so words, of balloon flowers, balloon doggies and so on and so. If you're inviting over 20 children you'll need to make extra time so that every child gets a balloon.

When you're ready to book entertainment for your party on Roosevelt Island or anywhere in New York City I certainly hope you'll give me a call to talk about your party. I'm of the busiest magicians in New York and am always looking to entertain people throughout town.


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