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Magician for Rockaway NY Parties

Looking for a magician for a party in Rockaway, Queens New York? Belle Harbor, Neponsit, Rockaway Park, Breezy Point party?

My kid's magic show features lots of incredible magic tricks (they'll even amaze the grown-ups) silly juggling, a puppet, balloons and even a live bunny rabbit!

If you're organizing a children's birthday party and want a professional magician to add some fun and excitement, please give me a call at my office.

My weekends sell out fast - so don't delay. Call my office now.


How long is the show? My magic show can run anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours! But, the most popular time is 60 minutes.

What ages do you perform for? My show changes for every audience. I can entertain toddlers, teens and adults - but not with the same approach. I use a different mixture of magic, comedy and audience participation depending upon the mix of the audience.

How much room do you need? My show doesn't need a lot of room. I perform in a stand-up comedy style. I just need enough room for a small table that I bring with me. Of course, for large venues I can bring sound equipment, lighting and staging - but for most kids' parties a living room or a backyard is perfect.

How much does it cost? The fee depends on the length of the show, date, time, size of audience and technical requirements.  There is no travel charge for shows in the Rockaways.

Do you do close-up or strolling magic? Yes. One of my favorite types of shows is where I mingle with the guests and do sleight of hand right before their very eyes.

How do I book you? Just call me and we can get the ball moving. my office.

I perform all over NYC, not just on the fabulous Rockaway peninsula. But, since I live down here in Belle Harbor it is certainly one of my favorites.


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