Magician Brian McGovern.

Magician for Parties in NYC’s Gramercy Park

Planning a birthday party for child? Looking for a way to keep the kids entertained and happy? Why not book New York City’s favorite children’s entertainer, magician Brian McGovern. That’s me! My magic show includes a live bunny rabbit, incredible feats of magic, juggling and lots more. My show was featured at family events in Gramercy Park and all over NYC.

When it comes to entertaining kids, the secret is energy and engagement. Some children’s entertainers expect kids to just sit there and watch a show – I guess they’d never had children themselves! As a father of four wonderful kids myself, I know that children are not just going to sit still unless the show captures their imagination and engages their minds. That’s why I have so much audience participation in my magic show. For birthday parties I always make sure that the guest of honor is the star of the show in gets to volunteer for all the cool tricks ( unless of course it’s a first birthday party or a christening and the birthday child is too little to help with the tricks!)

The Wizard of Gramercy Park

I bring a lot of high energy to each and every party. That doesn’t mean I do a loud, wild and crazy type of show – it means that I’m fully engaged and playing off what’s happening in the moment. I combined improv with sleight-of-hand create a comedy magic show that kids and adults really love. It’s full of surprises and laughter.

Variety is also really important when it comes to entertaining kids, especially small children. That’s why I included lots of variety arts like juggling and puppetry so I can constantly keep the kids interested in what’s going on and what might happen next. My bunny rabbit is always a big hit at every birthday party and the children just love to come up and pet the rabbit.

While the kids gather round to see the bunny I start making all sorts of balloon sculptures like balloon animals and crazy balloon hats so that each and every child gets their own balloon as a party favor.

Now, unlike a birthday party clown that might terrify your kids ( Lord knows, I’m scared of clowns ) my magic show is perfect for little kids. I’m dressed as a normal person and I never do anything that might be considered scary. I change the way I do this show based upon the mix of the audience. If there’s lots of toddlers and I’ll do a show that’s more visual and easier for them to understand. If there’s a lot of older children I can do some more sophisticated sleight-of-hand and illusions.

If you’re ready to book a great party in Gramercy Park don’t waste any time. I can only do three shows a day so that means that my weekends booked up very fast. That’s not to say that I may not have time to open this weekend – but don’t delay. Give me a call right away.