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Magician for Parties in Nassau County NY

Looking for a magician in Nassau County New York? My magic show is available all over Long Island and New York City.

When you're planning a birthday party for children and want great professional entertainment I hope you will check out my video and by reviews and give me a call. My kids birthday party magic show is just the thing for parents who want to give their children a really magical day.

Live bunny. What is a magic show without a live bunny rabbit? The kids love when my bunny rabbit appears and does magic for them. After the show they get to the bunny and take pictures with him.

Sleight-of-hand. You won't believe your eyes! Some children's birthday party magicians perform really cheesy magic tricks - But my magic show is different.

A full-time professional magician specializing in the art of sleight-of-hand magic. That means I don't rely upon silly looking magic tricks that any birthday clown can buy. These types of magic tricks are not entertaining! And they can even fool the dullest audience member.

Instead when you book my magic show for your child's birthday party you'll get eye-popping amazing incredible fascinating awe-inspiring earthshaking apocalyptic miracles that defy explanation. Okay maybe I exaggerate.

To make the show extra fun I always bring in other types of skills. I combine stand-up comedy.

With juggling. I also have a crazy puppet that does some zany things. I introduce lots of visual and colorful magic that is designed to capture the attention and imagination of children and keep them fully engaged in the show.

Audience participation. The trick behind entertaining kids is to involve them in the show. I use a variety of audience engagement techniques to draw the kids into the show so that they feel that they are really participating in producing the magic. The birthday child gets to volunteer and be the star of the show.

The show is perfect for all ages. Why? It's because there's not just one show. For example, if you book me for a first birthday party in which most of the audience will be a wide variety of ages. I'm going to do magic that will appeal to a broad audience. But if you hire me to entertain at a 10-year-olds birthday party where most the kids are going to be ages 10 and up then I'm going to do more sophisticated sleight-of-hand that older kids can appreciate.

Magician Nassau County. Keep in mind I am a full-time professional magician and I entertain at all types of events from family parties to corporate events like company picnics, Christmas parties tradeshows and other types of client appreciation events. That means I can perform for adults, teenagers, grandparents, great-grandparents toddlers little kids big kids – I do it all.

Now anybody considered the greatest magician in Nassau County. Anybody can claim to be the best magician and Long Island. In fact I just did it twice. But how do you know that your finding the best magician for kids party? Well, you need to look at reviews. That's why I am happy to present my Facebook page which has countless amazing reviews from very happy parents who booked me for their children's party on Long Island.

My magic show can run in length from 30 minutes to two hours. It's all up to you and what you want to accomplish with the party. Some people want a very short show, other people want to hours of strolling magic where I go around the party and do sleight-of-hand magic for the guest at the tables. I do a standup show like a standup comedy plus magic show where I bring in microphones amplifiers lighting and so on or I could keep it simple and just set up in a corner of the room and perform at a smaller event.

Indoors outdoors? It doesn't matter to me. As long as there is protection from the weather my magic show can go on the road pretty much anywhere. From a small apartment to a huge backyard to a giant stage I have a wide range of material and routines that I can customize to fit any type of venue.

So if you're planning verse birthday party, christening, children's birthday party adult birthday party, anniversary, pretty much any type of party where people are getting together to have fun I'm sure I can make it magical and fun for you. These be sure to give me a call as soon as possible because my show books up really fast.

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