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Magician for Park Slope Kid's Parties

I did a child's birthday party at the Carousel in Prospect park on Saturday. What a fun and memorable place to host a party for kids!

The carousel is conveniently located At intersections of Flatbush Avenue, Ocean Avenue and Empire Boulevard in Prospect Park's Children's Corner. (Brooklyn, New York)

When I arrived early to set up I found parking to be a bit of a challenge. But, if your local or willing to take the bike bus it really isn't a problem. I'd lug a lot of magic equipment around with me, plus a live bunny rabbit.

Finding the carousel. Many times when people plan birthday parties in the park it is a bit of a logistical challenge to tell people exactly where to go. When you host a birthday party at the carousel you just have to listen for the music. Your guests will very easily find the party.

The carousel House was managed by a very nice woman. She made sure that the carousel house was clean and that all the children were safely upon the ride before she began it. When the ride goes on it really is like a fairytale birthday party. The lights and sounds, the calliope music, smiling faces of little kids having a great time on the carousel… It really is terrific.

Another nice thing about having the party at the carousel house is you have a place to go if it starts to rain. Parties in the park are wonderful and inexpensive but weather is always a complicating factor. Restrooms are located about a quarter of a block away inside the park. If you're looking for a fun and memorable birthday party place in Brooklyn New York I'd highly recommend securing the Prospect Park carousel.

But you're going to need more than just the carousel! That's why people hire a magician like me. See, the carousel is great for a few minutes but after that the kids get kind of bored. There's only so many times they can go round and round.

What my client it was have me come in and start the magic show about a half-hour into the party. This allowed us enough time for all the guests to arrive, grab a bite to eat and a cool beverage. The kids enjoy the ride for a bit and before they get restless we start the magic show. The children sit on the park benches or on blankets right alongside magician. I do about 45 minutes to an hour show depending upon the number of children at the party, how old the kids are and whatever the party parent wants.

The magic show includes lots of colorful magic, amazing sleight-of-hand, of live bunny rabbit, juggling,… I can even do tricks with a puppet and even make the animals. So if you're looking for a great magician for kids in Brooklyn. Besides birthday parties I also do magic shows for communions, bat mitzvahs, block parties, company events, barbecues, holiday parties, you name it.

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