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Magician for Kids Party in Long Island

Kid's Party Expert Reviews

Children's birthday parties on Long Island? Trying to find costumed characters for rent? After many years in the birthday entertainment business I strongly advise you don't hire a costumed character for a toddler's party. Costumed characters, like SpongeBob or Dora might seem like a great idea - but I've seen some pretty crummy knock-offs of these trademarked characters.

Long Island Kids Party Entertainment Reviews

See, a party entertainment company on Long Island can't rent out Scooby Doo, Batman or Mickey Mouse - without having a very expensive licensing agreement. So instead of Barney The Dinosaur, the send The Purple Dinosaur. It's a pirated version - a rip-off. And the costumes are pretty awful! I mean stinky, smelly and scary! Not exactly what you want to bring to a party!

Magician for Kids Party in Long Island

For parties in Nassau County and Suffolk County - birthday moms and dads turn to Hijinx The Magician. From bar mitzvahs to Sweet-16's - every type of kid's birthday can use a bit of magic. Long Island's children's magician Hijinx makes your child's party fun!

Hiring a Magician for Toddler's Party in Long Island

Hijinx has a special magic show just for toddlers! Most magicians can't entertain very young children because they don't understand how to do it. Hijinx starts every show by building rapport with the children. Before the magic starts he's already got their attention! As a father of four and a professional magician for over 30 years (he started as a kid!) of experience he knows exactly how to captivate their attention and engage their imagination.

Parents and teachers are amazed! "I can't believe it - I've never seen anyone who could hold the attention of young kids like Hijinx .... And the parents loved the show too."

How to Give A Magic Birthday Party

First, call Hijinx. You want to funniest kid's magician for your party, don't you? Hijinx will help you plan out magical games and find great theme related decorations too. Call today my office.

The Entertainer for Kids - New York Magician Hijinx!

Long Island Children's Birthday Parties Our Specialty


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