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Magician for Kids Party in Brooklyn

Looking for a magician for kids party in Brooklyn, New York?

If you're planning a birthday party in Brooklyn for children - you'll want to book the best kid's magician in New York City, right? But is the BEST magician for kids party in Brooklyn expensive? How much does it cost to hire an amazing and funny magician who specializes in kid's parties?

Before you hire any party entertainer you'll always want to check the ratings and reviews. This way you'll be sure of booking the best magician.  For example, check out these wonderful reviews from dozens of happy Brooklyn parents.

Next, call me! I've been entertaining at family audiences all over Brooklyn, NY since 1979! Yikes! No, I'm not ancient - I just started really young. :) I've entertained all over Brooklyn ... from Coney Island to Brooklyn Heights, Canarsie to Williamsburgh.

My magic show combines sleight of hand, stand-up comedy and even some geeky circus skills. I juggle and even have a magical live bunny rabbit too! You want balloon sculptures? I twist a mean balloon doggie.

The cost of a fun and amazing magic show varies.  A professional magician who performs in and around Brooklyn will charge different rates depending on your event.  For example, a 30 minute show for a dozen kids at a birthday party on a weekday will cost less than an hour show for 200 kids at a corporate event on a Saturday night.


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