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Magician For Hire in Long Island NY

Magician For Hire in Long Island NY

Magician for Kid's Birthday Party in Long Island, NY

Hijinx: The Children's Entertainers

If you want to throw a fun kid's birthday party in Long Island, New York - you're in luck! You just found Hijinx - the goofiest, funniest and most amazing magician for children's parties.

From a 2 Year old birthday party in Long Island New York to a more "sophisticated" birthday party for 6 year olds - to the even more hard to impress 10 year olds ... Hijinx is the magician who can entertain any kid's party.

Parties for toddlers, children, rug rats, munchkins and monsters ... no matter if you're having a small birthday party for very young kids and want a magic show that is geared for the tiny kids - or if you want a wild & crazy magic show for a boisterous bunch - we've got you covered.

Our magic shows feature:

  • Live Bunny Rabbit

  • Juggling

  • Amazing Magic

  • Sleight of Hand

  • Comedy

  • Audience Participation

  • Imagination

  • Creativity

So, before you hire that clown ... think again! Hijinx performs a wacky and wild magic show full of laughter - but without the scary make-up! Little kids are never frightened of the Hijinx show.

Costumed Characters

Thinking of renting or hiring a costume character for your child's birthday party? We get calls for the following costumed characters all the time

  • Bob the Builder

  • Scooby Doo

  • Sponge Bob

  • Spiderman

  • Batman

  • Barney the Dinosaur

  • Blues Clues

"How do I hire a costumed character for my party?" people ask.

"I want Mickey Mouse to come to my child's party," they ask.

Here's What You Need to Know About Costumed Characters for Children's Birthday Parties on Long Island.

  1. These costumes are licensed property of the character's owner. Walt Disney, Nickelodeon, DC, Marvel and PBS and the like own these characters. Hijinx is not owned by a major corporation (other than Visa and Mastercard)

  2. The characters are not legally available for hire.  If a party entertainment company lets you hire one, they're breaking the law. Hijinx was a boy scout and doesn't even jaywalk.

  3. The costumes look terrible - since they're not licensed they're made by cheapo costume makers who try to avoid trademark infringement. Hijinx is funny looking, but not in a bad way.

  4. Costume characters are LAME. After 10 minutes it gets pretty dull for the kids. The character doesn't speak - just keeps waving and shaking hands. That's not entertainment.

  5. Costumed characters may frighten little children. Sure, your may like the idea of Sponge Bob showing up at his party - until the giant freak appears. Why risk ruining your party with some scary costume. Hijinx will never scare kids with his appearance.

  6. Most off the costumes are shabby and cheap looking. The party stores can't wash the things without destroying them ... and after a while they look and smell awful. Hijinx promises he washes behind his ears!

So - don't ruin your party and waste your money with lame-o costumed characters, creepy clowns and bone-breaking bouncey castles. Bring fun and magic to your child's party instead!

Call Hijinx at my office.

We book up fast! Don't delay - call today.


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