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Magician Brian McGovern Wins Award

Magician Wins Award

New York magician Brian McGovern won the meretricious Magician of The Year award after successfully beating out more than a dozen rivals.
“We all know that Brian McGovern is a great magician,” said Brian McGovern, “and now I have this award to prove it.” McGovern said winning the award would allow him to place something shiny over his mantle instead of that velvet painting of dogs playing poker.
To win a Magician of The Year Award, an artist will typically practice and perform for over seven years in order to impress a panel of judges. McGovern won the award by placing a bid on EBay. “Hey, who has time to actually develop talent?” McGovern said as he headed for the stage recently.
Magicians Criss Angel, David Blaine and David Copperfield did not even come close to winning this award, as McGovern aggressively outbid all other bidders. “It was like a dream come true when I was handed that award,” said McGovern. “I was so overwhelmed that I hugged the UPS guy who delivered it.”
Brian McGovern now joins the ranks of the legends of magic who have won specious awards, including The Amazing Goldman, The Great Gaff and The Mysterious Mr. Edward Smith, Jr. of Schenectady.

Mr. McGovern, who runs the party entertainment giant Hijinx Entertainment, could not be reached for comment as he had overslept. However, he did manage to leave this reporter a note, which reads, “For a good time, call Hijinx.” Hijinx provides fun and exciting party entertainment all over New York.


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