Magician Birthday Parties in Pre-Schools

I just got back from a birthday party at a Preschool on Long Island, and boy was that fun! If you're planning a birthday party for your child you should ask about hosting the party at your child's school.

Having your child's birthday party in school has lots of advantages; no clean-up, no crazy kids running around your house and plenty of supervision. You can save money, time and cut the stress of hosting a party considerably when you throw your child a party at school. I've done my magic show at pre-schools all over New York City and Long Island.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Every school is different. Some love parties, some hate them. Just ask ... and ask early.

  • Ask about bringing in food before you head into the party. With so many food allergies it can cause a lot of headache is you accidentally bring in the wrong food.

  • Ask about bringing in entertainment. Most schools are thrilled to get a free, professional magic show. Lots of times that's all it takes to get permission.

  • Ask about my live bunny. Most pre-schools love pets and many have pets in the classroom. When my bunny rabbit appears at your party the kids will be thrilled.

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