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Magician at Birthday Party Place Downtown NYC Cowgirl Seahorse

Magician entertains at party at Cowgirl Seahorse on Front Street in lower Manhattan. Fun place for a family party or office celebration.

Last night I did my magic show for a birthday party at Cowgirl Seahorse on Front Street near the Brooklyn Bridge.  It's a nice place to do a party. The food here is really good and the staff is really great.

I was booked to do a 60 minute magic show for a delightful little boy who was turning 3.  There were about 8 kids and 30 adults so I played the show to the grownups. I much prefer doing a family audience show as opposed to doing a "kiddy-show."

By combining magic, juggling, balloons and comedy in a form that entertains the kids and the parents, everyone gets into the show. They loved the bunny rabbit trick - yes, even the adults like the bunny rabbit trick.

Parking around Front Street is simple enough if you break down and pay for parking. You can drive in circles for hours looking for a spot - only to find it's not a legal spot. I had no problem getting a spot near the restaurant.

I will definitely be heading back to Cowgirl Seahorse soon. Call them for more info.

259 Front St

New York, 10038

(212) 608-7873

If you are looking for some fun entertainment for your next party ... and a fun place to celebrate, please check out Cowgirl Seahorse (no, I really don't understand the name either) and call me to book the show.

I'm a full time professional magician in New York City - find out more at


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