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Magic Workshop Notes

Thank you for attending my Magic Workshop! The instructions to the tricks you learned are below. And here are some more tricks you can learn:

Before we start, I want to mention a couple important things about magic. Even though you'll know how the tricks are done, it's very important to keep the secrets and not reveal them - that takes away the mystery! As tempting as it is to show your friends how it's done, that actually ruins the trick and makes it less impressive.

Also, once you perform a trick for someone, you should not repeat it for them. Doing the same trick over and over is not as interesting or surprising. The key is to keep adding new tricks to your repertoire so you always have something new up your sleeve to entertain people!

The key to being a great magician is respecting the art. Here are some tips:

First, keep the secrets. Revealing how a trick works ruins the mystery and entertainment. Let the audience keep guessing.

Second, switch up your routines. Doing the same trick twice allows people to catch on. Vary your repertoire to keep them delighted.

Third, practice makes perfect. Rehearse your illusions thoroughly to build confidence. An assured performer is far more captivating.

Fourth, magic should entertain, not frustrate. Avoid an arrogant air, which distances the crowd. Stay humble, fun, and friendly.

Fifth, amaze them, don't make them feel foolish.

Finally, the magic lies within you. A trick without showmanship is just a puzzle. Combine skill with flair and watch your audience ignite.

Follow these principles, and your magic will truly come alive. The audience will be astounded yet respected. Each performance will inspire delight and wonder. That is the mark of a true magician. Now, on to the tricks!


The Vanish!

Instructions: The instructions below use a pencil and a balled up dollar bill. But you can use a pen, straw or crayon instead of a pencil. And instead of a dollar bill you can do this with any small object.

1. Show the audience a rolled up dollar bill in your left hand. Hold a pencil in your right hand between your thumb and first finger.

2. State that you will make the dollar disappear when you tap it three times with the pencil. This sets the expectation that the dollar will vanish.

3. Raise your right hand holding the pencil up high, to the level where you will eventually leave the pencil, and say "One" as you tap the left hand.

4. Raise your hand high again saying "Two" as you tap.

5. On the third raise, put the pencil behind your right ear as you quickly lower your hand, saying "Three." Make sure all three motions are long, full swings for consistency.

6. Keep your focus and the audience's focus on the left hand, which is supposedly holding the dollar. The misdirection will draw attention away from the right hand and pencil.

7. After the third tap, pause for a beat, then act surprised as you show your right hand empty. The pencil has disappeared!

8. Turn your body to reveal the pencil behind your ear. This ensures the audience's attention is focused on the pencil first before you proceed.

9. While the audience is briefly confused, secretly ditch the rolled up dollar in your pocket or behind something.

10. Now casually take the pencil from behind your ear, pretending the trick is over.

11. Hold your left hand out closed, as if it's still containing the dollar bill. Gently tap it three times with the pencil.

12. Slowly open your left hand to reveal that the dollar has completely vanished!

Adding those extra taps and a slow reveal of the empty hand adds great suspense and showmanship to the finale.

Double Your Money

Description: A dollar bill magically doubles into two dollars.

The Secret: A dollar bill is hidden between your shirt collar and the back of your neck.


Before the trick begins, get ready by following these steps:

1. Secretly Hide an Extra Bill: Roll up an extra dollar bill into a ball and hide it between your collar and the back of your neck.

2. Have a Matching Bill in Your Pocket: Keep another dollar bill that looks the same as the one you'll use in your pocket.


Please note that these instructions are written for someone who is right-handed. If you prefer to use your left hand, simply reverse the directions. Figure out what works best for you.

1. Show the Single Bill: Take out a dollar bill and show it to the audience. Make sure they know it is only one dollar. Roll up your sleeves to show there's nothing hidden in the hands or sleeves.

2. Create a Ball: Crumple the bill into a ball using your hands, trying to make it resemble the balled-up bill hidden in your collar. Pay attention to the way the hidden bill is rolled up. For example, if the hidden bill has the green (back) exposed, make sure you do the same with the visible bill. Squeeze it tightly to match the hidden bill.

3. Rub for Luck: Tell the audience that rubbing the crumpled bill on your elbow brings good luck. Roll the crumpled ball that everyone can see against your right elbow. Act frustrated because the trick isn't working. Try it a few times, but it doesn't seem to be working. While rubbing the bill on your right elbow, secretly take the hidden bill from your collar using your right hand fingers. To ensure your audience doesn't catch you in the act, turn your body slightly so that the right side is hidden from view.

4. The Magical Moment: Pretend that you realized something. "Of course - I need to use the OTHER elbow!" you say. Bring your right hand down, and as you remove the balled-up bill from your left fingers, combine the first bill with the hidden bill so they appear as one bill.

5. Repeat the Process: Repeat the rubbing process on your left elbow, secretly combining the bill from your left elbow with the hidden bill.

6. The Astonishing Finale: Bring your hands together, pretending to tear the bill into two pieces. Drop each balled up bill on the table. Unfold them, and reveal two distinct dollar bills.

Gather the bills, put them back in your wallet, and conclude the trick with a confident smile, leaving the audience in awe of the magic they just witnessed. Be sure not to reveal the secret, and keep them guessing how you did it!

The Upside Down Card

Effect: A spectator's chosen card matches the card that magically turns face up in the deck.

Secret: A setup with a face up "indicator" card placed under facedown "filler" cards.


  1. Before starting, set up the deck. Find any Six card and turn it face up at the bottom of the deck. Below this card, place 5 random facedown cards as fillers. This card will be your indicator.

  2. Give the deck a false shuffle, keeping the bottom cards in place.

  3. Fan through the deck slowly, ensuring the spectator only selects a card from the upper half. Have them remember their card.

  4. As they look at their card, cut the deck about in half and place the bottom half face down on the table.

  5. Tell the spectator to place their card face down on top of the tabled pile.

  6. Drop the remaining half you're holding on top, squaring the deck.

  7. Their card is now the 6th card above the face up indicator.

  8. Spread the deck face down, reminding them you'll make a card turn face up to reveal their card.

  9. Milk the moment, then flip over the face up indicator card - let's say it's the Six of Diamonds.

  10. Tell them to count down 6 cards and their card will match! Then reveal it is indeed the 6th card.

  11. End by gathering the cards casually like nothing happened. Their mind will be blown!

Here' s how to present it: Magician: Hey, want to see a cool card trick I just learned at camp? Go ahead and take a card, any card you like.

(Spectator takes a card)

Magician: Great, now take a look at that card and remember it. Don't tell me what it is yet though, it's more fun if I can guess! Do you have the card memorized?

Spectator: Yep!

Magician: Perfect. I'll riffle through the deck now - say stop whenever you want.

(Ruffles cards and spectator says stop)

Magician: Okay great. [ Lift up the top half where you stopped riffling the deck and put that half on the table] Please go ahead and put your card face down right there.

(Spectator puts card down)

Magician: Awesome. [Put the remaining half of the deck directly on top of the spectator's card}

I won't even shuffle, so we know your card is still in this deck.

Magician: I'm going to wave my hand over the deck and one single card will magically turn face up. Are you ready?

[wave your hands, say some magic words or whip out a magic wand - whatever you think makes it feel magical. ]

Magician: It’s done! Just as promised, one card is upside down! Let’s see.

[spread the deck out on to the table so you can see all the backs - you might have to spread them wide to make sure the upside down 6 is visible]

Look! One card is upside down! But that isn't your card? Of course not. That card will tell me exactly where to find your card. Are you ready?

Spectator: Yes! [ Count down six cards directly below the upside down six. These cards will be to the left of the six. If the spectator can be trusted to follow directions, you may want to invite them to do the counting. This helps eliminate any suspicion that you are somehow doing something sneaky]

Magician: One, two, three, four, five, six - okay, name your card! Spectator: The queen of hearts!

Magician: Yes! Let's turn it over - it's the queen of hearts, the sixth card just like the magic six predicted! What do you think of that? Pretty crazy huh? I still can't believe this trick works every time!

Surprise Card Trick

Title: Surprise Card Trick

Introduction: This magic trick involves identifying a participant's chosen card from a standard deck, using a secret key card to guide you.

The Trick. A spectator’s card is discovered by a magical card.


The "Key Card" Concept: The success of this trick relies on you spotting one particular "key card" at the bottom of the deck before starting. This key card will guide you to their selected card.

How to Find Your Key Card:

- Glimpse the bottom card as you take the deck out of the box, before shuffling.

- Or, when they shuffle, watch closely to see if they flash the bottom card.

- If needed, fan through the deck face up, pretending to show it's mixed. Now you know your key! For example, let's say that the bottom card is the Jack of Diamond. Remember it!

Executing the Trick:

1. Pass the deck to the participant, and instruct them to lift approximately half of the deck and place it face-down on the table.

2. Ask them to take the top card from the remaining half they're holding, look at it, and remember it.

3. Instruct them to place their selected card on top of the half deck on the table.

4. Then, ask them to cover this pile with the other half of the deck. Their chosen card is now directly BELOW your key card, the Jack of Diamonds!

5. Have them cut the deck a few times. While this may seem to mix the deck, your key card will always stay right above their chosen card.

6. Pick up the deck and start dealing cards face-up on the table. Keep an eye out for your key card (Jack of Diamonds), as their selected card will directly follow it.

7. Once you spot the Jack of Diamonds, mentally register the very next card, which is their chosen card. Continue dealing a few more cards.

8. Announce dramatically that the very next card you flip over will be their card. At this point, your audience may think you've made an error!

9. Instead of turning over the next card in the deck, reach among the face-up cards on the table and pull out their chosen card.

10. Place their card face-down on the table, stating, "I said the next card I turned over would be yours, and it is." This unexpected twist ensures a surprising ending.

11. Finally, pick up their chosen card, turn it face-up, and enjoy the astonished expressions on your audience's faces!