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Magic Shows on Staten Island

When Lisa Cordova wanted to give her son Anthony a really special birthday she gave us a call. "I want the kids to have a lot of fun, but I don't want them running around and going nuts," she told me. "Hold many children are you inviting to the party I asked her. "We're going to have at least 30 children here and they're all under the age of five."

"Where's the party going to be?" I asked. "In my backyard here on Staten Island ... it's a big backyard in Prince's Bay. Do you know where that it?"

Know it? I've done so many magic shows in Staten Island I pretty much know every single block. From Holy First Communions to Block Parties, I spend a fair amount of time on Staten Island. "Sure, I know where you are, but let me ask you ... what if it rains?"

"That's why I'm calling you. You do such a great job with kids I figured if it rains and we have to have to do the party indoors, you're show is about the only thing that will keep them happy."

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Yesterday I made it out to Staten Island and found 30 damp kids going bonkers in a basement. Lisa was thrilled to see me. I set up the show and within minutes those little monsters magically transformed in perfect little angels. The show lasted about an hour and at the end the birthday girl gave me a big hug.

What a fun way to make a living!

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