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Magic Shows for Communion Parties on Long Island

Communion parties can be lots of fun for friends and family if you provide the right entertainment. If you're having a lot of kids at your child's communion party be sure you have something fun for them to do.

April and May are often too wet and cold for outdoor activities, so a magic show makes lots of sense. The Hijinx Magic Show is perfect for kids of all ages. It's designed to entertain toddlers, teens, adults and everyone in between.

The Communion Party is a special day. Our magic show makes the guest of honor the star of the show. The Hijinx Magic Show is available all over Long Island from Valley Stream and Garden City, to Manhasset to Cedarhurst, to Smithtown to Cold Spring Harbor. The Hijinx Magic Show travels all over Long Island.

Planning a communion party on Long Island? Give Hijinx a call!


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